Wednesday 6 June 2018

Audio: The Gate to Women's country - Sheri S Tepper

Women rule in Women's Country. Women live apart from men, sheltering the remains of civilization. They have cut themselves off with walls and by ordinance from marauding males. Waging war is all men are good for. Men are allowed to fight their barbaric battles amongst themselves, garrison against garrison. For the sake of his pride, each boy child ritualistically rejects his mother when he comes of age to be a warrior. But all the secrets of civilization are strictly the possession of women. Naturally, there are men who want to know what the women know. And when Stavia meets Chernon, the battle of the sexes begins all over again. Foolishly, she provides books for Chernon to read. Before long, Chernon is hatching a plan of revenge against women. 

Audio CD, 12 h
Published June 5th 2018 by Tantor Audio (first published November 1st 1987)
Post apocalyptic
For review

MY thoughts:
This would be the perfect book club listen. There is soooooo much to discuss. The whole book is one big discussion. I do not even know where to start.

Men destroyed the world, with their bombs, with the guns. They do remember that they had things long ago (since in some sci-fi apocalyptic ones people have just forgotten, which I never get.) Like that they used to have cars, washing machines, but now they do not. Though a lot has been forgotten since women do not want people to remember.

Women rule the world, well they rule this parcel of land (and I can not put my finger on where it takes place. But then I get ideas further in). Women live in cities, men live outside in garrisons and fight wars, but mostly they play sports, train and drink beer (and the women do not mind.) Women do all the work, farming, fishing, making things. Having babies and sending boy children out when they grow older.

At first this world makes me wonder. How can it be a good idea that they men are outside and the women inside? That they men get to come in twice a year for fun times at Carneval? But the more I listen then more I understand, they might not be going about it the perfect way, but it truly is better that the men are outside. Except for those that have "returned" and they co-exist peacefully inside. And yes it does make me wonder if men are brutes who love war and women are the voice of reason. And then I see, maybe men are brutes...

SO much more that could be discussed, but spoilers!

Anyway the book is about Stavia, we see her at 10, 13 and 22. How she meets a young soldier and falls for him, and how she shows him things that are forbidden to the men. Oh Stavia! You said you would not be a fool for a man. But the book also shows her at 37 so we know she comes out ok, but SO much goes down before that. I liked Stavia, she is smart and she only wants the best for her friend Chernon (who is a bastard! Grrr.).

I'd love to say more, but yes secrets. Just let me say that the entire world is not Women's country and it is clear that Women's country is the only way to live in the end.

Such an interesting listen!

Narrator Emily Durante
I truly liked her voice for Stavia, it changed with every year, but still kept the essence of her. She did a great job


  1. This sounds really interesting. It isn't something I would normally read, but you have me intrigued. Plus, I love Emily Durante.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart

  2. Huh... the premise and cover made me laugh, but your enthusiasm for the story has me curious.

  3. it sounds really interesting there!

  4. oh wow this book is loaded with... issues I guess, ina good way I suppose. I can see this being the perfect club read

  5. I like the premise. I want to live there. LOL

    1. It does sound good, never interact with any man more than that...hmmm, what if you are really in love?

  6. I like that is spans different ages of her life.

    1. I liked how the end was still never given away even though we saw her at 37 a lot

  7. What an interesting society! I can definitely understand how there would be a lot to discuss.

  8. Sounds interesting, but probably not something I would pick up unless I was in a more introspective, thinking mood! Sometimes I just want to relax, not discuss :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  9. Hmm what an odd world but in ways not so different. Can see how it would make a good book club discussion book.

    1. tepper is great with those, and the fact that I never know when or where her books take place. Our world. Fantasy world. Distant planet. Present, future, past

  10. I love reading books like this but only when I have someone to discuss it with lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  11. Bummer we didn't pick this!



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