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Review: Fallen - Lauren Kate

 Book 1

Genre: Paranormal romance YA
Pages: 452
Published: 2009

There’s something achingly familiar about Daniel Grigori.

Mysterious and aloof, he captures Luce Price’s attention from the moment she ...more There’s something achingly familiar about Daniel Grigori.

Mysterious and aloof, he captures Luce Price’s attention from the moment she sees him on her first day at the Sword & Cross boarding school in sultry Savannah, Georgia. He’s the one bright spot in a place where cell phones are forbidden, the other students are all screw-ups, and security cameras watch every move.

Even though Daniel wants nothing to do with Luce–and goes out of his way to make that very clear–she can’t let it go. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame, she has to find out what Daniel is so desperate to keep secret . . . even if it kills her.

This was the other book that I heard so much about last year and how so many loved it, again I wondered, and this time it proved right. This book was not that good.

Luce was in a fire and her boyfriend mysteriously died, now she is at a new school filled with troubled kids and those that has done really bad things. Here she meets Daniel, this strange boy she feels like she has met before, and then there is the other guy who also likes here and so it goes on.

Now why didn't I like it? Well it was really hard to get in to, I wanted to skim, but read on and hoped it would pick didn't. Finally when I had read half the book something started to happening and I thought yes! Fallen angels and paranormal stuff! Sadly I was mistaken, it was this climax that ended in nothing. So I started reading again hoping for some paranormal stuff. Nope. Instead there was Luce stalking Daniel, hanging out with friends and meeting this other guy. Then finally, finally at the end some paranormal stuff happened and I hoped to get some answers, short I learnt that there are fallen angels, well yeah, I read the back cover. And that there is reincarnation, yes I kind of guessed that in the beginning too. So in the end nothing at all was explained and it left me really frustrated. I had wanted some more paranormal action and explanations.

Now to my other objection that I have seen around. This is a school where some kids are dangerous and wears tracking bracelets. But everyone sneaks around, Luce goes swimming with Daniel who she doesn't know. They seem to do what ever they want. There is no security, well ok those cameras, but it's doesn't feel like anyone is actually watching the tape. It's just like any other boarding school.

This one felt too drama and teen for me in the end. I wanted explanations, I wanted something to happen, but there was nothing. People can like this one even if I didn't. It does have star crossed lovers and the eternal love triangle so some will go for that. But for me it was lacking. And it could have been awesome. Perhaps the next one has something more in it.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: I do love it, but in the book she has short hair cos of the fire.
Reason for reading: From that awesome library loot
Final thoughts: Some will love it, some might feel like I did.


  1. I've read mixed thoughts on this one too. I'm going with yours and not bother to pick this one up. Great honest review!

  2. Now I'm wondering if I spent my money on nothing... At least the cover is pretty! Why does these YA books always gets such pretty covers? I have/had high hopes on this one...

  3. Staci
    The ones I have seen it that didn't liked it seemed to think exactly what I felt

    Oh no! I sure hope not, perhaps you'll love it, let's hope so. But yes YA books gets such stunning covers

  4. From what I've read this is one you either love or hate; I have it on my bookshelf but Im a little hesitant to pick it up after being disappointed with Hush, Hush.

  5. This one didn't work for me either. It had potential but fell short all over the place for me.

    I won't be reading the rest of this series.


  6. Ugh, I've read so many conflicting reviews of this book. I have it though, a friend said it was a must read. It actually is too, cause like you Blodeuedd, I'm wondering about all the hype.

  7. To me, it's a good book and I want to read the sequel, but I felt cheated. As you said, no real climax and it all ends so abruptly, with more questions and answers.
    Good, honest review.

  8. Teddyree
    I would say that there are big differences in how the books are..but then again they are about the same things and since you didn't love Hush Hush..tricky

    I hate being disappointed but yes could have been much more :(

  9. VFG
    I am very curious to see what you say in the end. Cos some love it, and then there are those like me. I guess it all depends on how you like your books

    Those things sadly ruined it for me :( If the whole non existent climax things had been left out and they had made at least one explanation the I would have liked it

  10. Wow...after reading all the comments and your review...I think I'll pass on this one....

    Thanks for the heads up

  11. I just pulled this out the other day to read because I had read a great review on the sequel. I am glad you wrote this review before I read it. Thanks.

  12. I agree with you Blodeuedd, I didn't think it was much either. Called it insubstantial in my review.

    My review:

  13. I felt pretty much exactly the same way about this one!!! The first 300 pages were soooo slow!!

  14. I've seen mixed reviews on this one.
    sorry you didnt enjoy it, thanks for the honest review.

  15. Hawk
    The views on this one is sure split up in two, but I kind of guessed I would be on this side

    So you have it? You could always start and see how you feel

  16. Cherry
    Nice review you had, and yes right on all points there

    If it had been my own book i would have put it down cos that was just too slow

    That happens :( After reading a review that had some problems with thsi book I had a feeling I would have a problem with the same things

  17. I really didn't like this book either. I thought it was far too overrated.

  18. I've been eyeing it since it has a beautiful cover. Perhaps I'll let this one go. Great review!

  19. I reviewed this too - there are so many mixed reactions. I enjoyed it, but you are right about the really young teen theme, and I overlook that at times, as I'm not a really young teen myself LOL However, the ending did leave me feel 'cheated' - a bit of a let down.

  20. What a shame you didn't enjoy this book. I did and am looking forward to reading the next book.

  21. Vivenne
    I totally agree with you there, it was ok but not a 5 like so many say

    The cover at least is sure stunning, just perfect. You can always try it and see

    if the ending had been different perhaps my review had been different, but yes I too felt so cheated

    I am glad you did like it :) I so wanted too, but nah, could not

  22. I am not a YA reader by any means as some issues in these teen books I do have issues with..

    Is there a second book to this - it might clear up some of the ending for you..

    It is annoying when covers don't at least get some basics detaisl right..


  23. I have this one, too. I haven't read it yet, but tend not too like too "teenagey" YA novels.

  24. EH
    Oh yes there is a book 2, I always knew that, but it just annoyed me cos nothing was given, nothing, and I just came out of it with a big ?

    When there is too much angst and petty drama I just roll my eyes and skim in YA books

  25. Ack! Not another stinker!? This is why I have been avoiding some YA books. Too unbelievable and too dramatic. Thanks for the review and your honesty :)

  26. Jenny
    It is a sad fact, sighs, of course some sure loved it. I guess it depends on what you want, but it is very YA

  27. Ugggggh, I have this one to read. I had heard some mixed opinions on it but got it anyway. I'm not in a rush to read it but I wish I had gotten it at the library instead.

  28. Good and honest review, B! I have seen reviews where the reader loved this book and some where this book was disliked. It seems to be one or the other with this one really. I'm in no hurry to read it but I might just pick it up one day.



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