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Joint Audio Discussion: Still me - Jojo Moyes

Hello all! Carole and I will be discussing "Still Me" by Jojo Moyes. I am in black and Carole in purple/

Still Me (Me Before You, #3)
Author: Jojo Moyes

Narrator: Anna Acton
Title: Still Me (Me Before You #3)
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Pages: Audiobook
Published: January 30th 2018 
Where I Got It: library

Louisa Clark arrives in New York ready to start a new life, confident that she can embrace this new adventure and keep her relationship with Ambulance Sam alive across several thousand miles. She steps into the world of the superrich, working for Leonard Gopnik and his much younger second wife, Agnes. Lou is determined to get the most out of the experience and throws herself into her new job and New York life. 

As she begins to mix in New York high society, Lou meets Joshua Ryan, a man who brings with him a whisper of her past. Before long, Lou finds herself torn between Fifth Avenue where she works and the treasure-filled vintage clothing store where she actually feels at home. And when matters come to a head, she has to ask herself: Who is Louisa Clark? And how do you reconcile a heart that lives in two places?

Funny, romantic, and poignant, Still Me follows Lou as she navigates how to stay true to herself, while pushing to live boldly in her brave new world.

This was my favorite Moyes so far, and that is saying much since I got so pissed at it too ;) But the previous book was just soooo dreadful. And I did like that this was audio for me, book 2 was print and book 1 was movie. Pretty cool.

Yesss the 2nd book was so bad. This was my 2nd favorite of the series. Book 1 will always hold a special place in my heart. It was so sad. This one was good but I did not cry. I did feel for Lou. I feel like she always gets bad luck!

It is starting to feel like MOyes is milking this too much, and I do hope this was the end...wait no I don’t. Cos of that thing you know. But I liked this one because it felt more relaxed. Just a girl in the city.

I am curious to see if there is another one. She left it a little open-ended. What is next? Or will she leave it to us to decide. And I know what I want to happen. Not THAT. I am so angry that Lou just let him come back. No. 

She gave us a happy little ending, with more that could come. Making it in the city. But yes, I was pissed. Sam is not right for Lou. I hated it. F grand gestures. No, why did Moyes have to go and do that. It did ruin the book for me.

I adored Sam in book 2 and the beginning of book 3. But he F’ed up and I loathe him. Lou deserves better. He needed to really do more than that. He needed to really do a lot and sure that “grand gesture” is a nice beginning, but I would make him earn me. And I would still probably tell him no after all of that. LOL

Some things can not be forgiven. And her other guy, sigh, Josh was so nice in the beginning, but then suddenly he was a jerk. Like I said to you I did feel the author changed that too quickly. We should have seen something from the start and not make him into an arsehole all the sudden. So that she could get her other man

It was all of a sudden. I can see if it had been a few months and then he starts having enough of Lou’s weirdo-ness. I am bummed but we should’ve known better. He looked like Will but he is not Will whatsoever. Will would’ve kicked his butt. 

I am finding it hard to discuss this book. It was really good one, I enjoyed it, but other than the men and Agnes, fu Agnes! I do not have a lot to say. As for the Agnes thing, I would not have been that nice, I would have taken her down with me.

It is SOOOOOO hard to not give away spoilers. So mannnyyyy of them. And yes F Agnes too. I felt bad for her at the beginning, but she just used Lou. I would’ve easily tossed her under the bus. No, I will not take that graciously. But maybe that makes Lou better than us. I am glad it happened though, because I am glad we got to learn more about the old lady. I actually ended up loving her and that little Pug. Super cute!

Haha, the pug with the shifty eyes, yes he was a darling...after a while,and the old lady too. Agnes, I got her, but at the same time as she was so supposedly in love she did that. But I guess all is forgiven in love in this book.

I do wish that the author gave us more of a conclusion with that whole story. Because that is a huge thing to lie about. I am curious. 

I do want to know. And I do not know why he did not just sent Elaria to work for his wife. She kept calling Agnes a whore, i mean that is not cool. The household would sure have been happier.

He was just blind to it all. I would not be cool with a person working for me calling my BF names. And that daughter? No….she needed a slap in the face. A little snot, but realistic. That happens all the time. It is more common for a step child to hate the new, young bride/husband. Especially if they were older when the parents break up. 

Still, you are 24. Get a job and shut up. I get being resentful, but I do feel these two could have been happy if everyone hadn’t been a dick about it.

Right??? I am glad that she was finally put in her place. She was a little beyotch. Like I said...I felt bad for Agnus...but then she did what she did and I was pissed. Not cool. Sure things worked out, but I can’t imagine doing that to one of my friends. 

Right! Not cool Agnes.

Ok so the narrator whose name I do not remember did a great job. I really felt like I liked the story more cos of her.

I adored the narrator. I loved all of her accents. So fun!

Would I have liked the print as much...doubtful. A good narrator makes everything so much better :)

Mhmmm I am not sure. I think I would’ve liked the story, but the narrator for sure added more to it so it made me like it better. She was the perfect Lou. 

SO even with that THING, I felt the book was really good. I wanted to know what would happen to Lou and I liked the narrator. I call that a success, hehe ;)

I am glad we decided to read this. I know we were both unsure because of how BAD book 2 was. I’m happy with this choice. The story was really good even though Sam and Agnus were aholes. But it does give us a reminder that life is not fair and Lou has bad luck. I miss Will D: 

A good solid choice. Yay. That means the next one will probably suck. Is it your turn?

It is your turn m’am. ;) But yes, I am pleasantly surprised with this pick. I was worried because the last book was good too. Two good, solid picks??????? Makes me worried for December’s choice!

I kind of want to go xmsssy but that is doomed to fail

That sounds like a good plan, but knowing our luck it will fail. Hahahaha

The end! I need to take in S and wake her.

Okay! I am helping Gma move today. Ugh. It is soooo cold out there. 

About the Authors
Carole and Blodeuedd have been blogging a long while now. The last couple of years the epic duo have been discussing books, watching movies, and even wetting the pen and sharing their stories with the worldwide web. They both love cats, chocolate, and a good story.


  1. I only tried a title by this author but I really enjoyed it so I'm curious for more

  2. Omg you guys are hilarious. Looks like there were a few characters you both didn't care for in this one.

    1. Hehe, thank you very much :D We aim to please

  3. I really need to continue this series.

  4. I had to look up the audiobook and narrator since you guys praised her so highly, and I love a good reader who can do a variety of accents! It's Anna Acton, and I don't think I've listened to anything narrated by her before, but I'll definitely keep her on my list now!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  5. What is THE THING??? lol

    I have no patience for books like this being a series. I need my conclusions and not have it dragged out. I haven't read any of them but I know all about book one and a little about Sam from book 2.

    1. She may say that it is to give readers more, but I say money

  6. Lol! Worried for December's pick, ha! This was a good one but I'm with you on Sam. Lou's character is so real and Moyes makes me feel for her.

    1. I am going with a cheesy movie instead so ;)

    2. Perfect for the holidays! Have you seen Netflix's Princess Switch? A bit cheesy but it was so cute and made me smile!

  7. Nice discussion. I've never heard of this author or series and it's the third book!

  8. I am glad that this one worked out for both of you. I haven't started the series yet but do plan to at some point.



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