Thursday 15 November 2018

Seasons of Sorcery anthology

Kindle Edition, 370 pages
Published November 13th 2018 by Brightlynx Publishing
Fantasy romance/UF
for review

My Thoughts and Synopsis

An assassin at a renaissance faire. What could possibly go wrong? Everything, if you’re Gin Blanco. This Spider is trapped in someone else’s icy web—and it seems like they don’t want her to leave the faire alive . . .

The story was ok and all, but, I have only read one Gin book and that was ageeees ago. I never read more. And I did feel like fans would love this so much more. While I was all, ok she is an Assassin. I guess those are her friends and BF. So she kicks some ass and saves the day

A malevolent spell strangles the kingdom of Leathen in catastrophic drought. Prince Daric must break the curse before his people starve. A once-mighty goddess trapped in a human body might be the key—but saving his kingdom could mean losing all that he loves.

This was a nice fantasy romance. Leathen grows up with the former Goddess of Spring. Oh I would have liked more of that. I know that this was only a novella, but still! This would have been a great book.

The country is dying. Can Leathen and Rain save the day? There are baddies trying to stop them and well obvi these two will have feelings for each other. Took them long enough!

Nice story

As unofficial consort to the High Queen, former mercenary Harlan Konyngrr faces a challenge worse than looming war and fearsome dragons. His long-held secrets threaten what he loves most—and he must make a choice between vows to two women.

I know I often say that everything works as a stand alone, but here, well you really should read the rest.

As for what happened...FINALLY! OMG I HAVE WAITED FOR THAT. Happiness is something all should have.

Also, when will we meet Jenna again? Is she still alive? Arghhhh

The stretch of sea known as The Gray rules the lives of those in the village of Ancilar, including widow Brida Gazi. In the aftermath of an autumn storm, Brida discovers one of the sea's secrets cast onto the shore—a discovery that will change her world, mend her soul, and put her in the greatest danger she's ever faced. 

I did not expect that and I did learn something I always wondered about, well at least Draven came up for one explanation lol.

I have read a story set in this world before, or two? Interesting little town and now it is Brida's turn, a widow, to find something and oh I can not say too much! Spoilers.

Like maybe there is some romance *whistles*

Two of these are stand alone and worked great as that. Another one does work on it's own, but I feel you get more for your money if you know the series. And the final one really should be read in its series. How else can you love Harlan and Essla!


  1. Yo don't hear about too many fantasy anthologies and it sounds like most of them worked for you. Another rarity.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  2. Yay for Seasons of Sorcery! I had to read this since two of my favorite authors are in it. My thoughts on Gin's story was the same, but like you I'm not an avid fan of that series. A well written short. Bouchet is a great writer and it shows in her story, which should have been an entire novel!! Kennedy's series is a favorite of mine and I was in LOVE with her short! So rewarding if you know her characters already. And Draven's was another excellent one, her writing always shines.

    1. Yes. True fans will surely love it. And it was not bad, just, I felt like I should have read those 17 books before ;)

      I am so happy about Kennedy's ending ;)

  3. This cover of this anthology is awesome!

  4. Novellas are great this time of year when I have no time to read.

  5. Even though you had some issues, it still sounds like the stories were solid.

  6. Oh, I am intrigued by that author line up there.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  7. Been a hot minute since I've read an anthology

  8. This would appeal to me a bit more if all of the stories were stand alones. I would be lost with the stories that are a part of a series.

    1. I would have liked that too. But they all still work

  9. I had my eye on this one, but good to know that for the most part, it works best in order.

  10. The cover is pretty cool. Hugs...RO

  11. So I haven't read it yet, but will after I read ARROWS (Jeffe). I got it for Jeffe and Jennifer's stories (I am current on Gin's series.) Is the Bouchet book from her new series? I haven't read any of Draven's in that series - will I be lost?

    1. They do speak of events in Arrows briefly, but at the same time you could read it before.

      I have no idea what Bouchet new series is so dunno

      Draven is a stand alone. Another novella I read before took place in the same village



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