Friday 23 December 2011

Friday Fiction Flash

I usually post these over at my LJ account but since it is close to xmas and I got nothing else for you all today I will post it here :)

Dottie over at Tink's Place has come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge.  Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to  participate - you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take. 

The Eve before Christmas
by Blodeuedd

Miranda shivered as more snow fell this dark winter night. It was the Eve before Christmas and she was alone and tired. But mostly she was cold, so very cold that it felt like her skin was solid ice. Her nose was redder than Rudolph’s, and she no longer felt her toes. But still she stood still in the deserted park. When she was about to give up she heard the crunch of snow beneath shoes and she looked out from behind her lamppost.  A man dressed in black slowly came out from the woods. He was not dressed for winter, instead he wore a suit that would have worked just as well on a cool summer night. His dark hair flowed in the wind and small snowflakes made it glisten in the moonlight. His face, no, she could not even describe it.

“Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas little one.” The man  her said and she looked at him with hungry eyes.
“Do you have it?” she asked and came closer. His beauty made her skin even colder but she braved it and now stood before him. The Winter Prince himself.
“Of course.” He gave her his wrist and she no longer knew reason or fear. She grabbed it with cold fingers and sunk her teeth in it. She struggled as always as her teeth would not break the skin but she got there. And she drank the sweet nectar of the Gods.
The prince laughed and petted her head.” Oh ye silly humans, “ he murmured while she drank greedily. The he took his wrist away and she whimpered.
“More,” she begged and fell to her knees.” Please my lord.”
But he just shook his head.” Only if you give me something in return.”
Now she started to cry and he gave her his wrist again. Just a few drops more and she knew she would make it through another year. The strength of the fairies would flow in her veins and nothing could stop her. She would be beautiful and powerful, and not the empty husk that she always turned into in December.
“My price.”
She nodded and hurried to the bench nearby.
“Hush hush,” she whispered and took out the child hidden underneath it. She then gave it to the prince whose eyes showed what the child would be for. But she closed her mind from the truth.
“Freely given of your own blood is feely taken,” he said and walked back into the shadows.
Miranda stood still in the snow for a while before heading back home. Blood of the gods always came with a heavy price.


yes I told Dottie I would go dark again, and dark I went, mouwahahahah


  1. Was it her child? I can see the bargain - his blood to make you beautiful and young, your child for him to be...eaten?

  2. Ana
    Oh yes her own kid, I did not spell it out, but yup that is the way it works. She can't steal a kid, she has to give it freely. And yup he is gonna eat it, I did not spell that out either cos nasty!

  3. Oh my gosh Blod! He's going to eat her baby? and she's letting him? That Winter Prince reminds me of Stephen King's character Lenoge, from Storm of the Century.

  4. Wow, not a happy Christmas story. Down right creepy, really.

  5. Naida
    I do not know that King book, but I guess it is a good thing since he usually have creeps in them ;)
    And yes, he is gonna eat it and she is gonna let him. She is also gonna give up another baby, she is an addict after all.

    hihi, well thank you. I am very proud of my creepy story

  6. Hi,Bloduedd, just popping in to say Merry Christmas!

  7. Ohhhh Blodeuedd!!! You are such a naughty girl... But I do love when you go dark, lol!!

    I am very proud to watch my little butterfly's *you* wings grow!!! I love reading your stories!
    Miss you!
    I hope you and bf have a very blessed Christmas holiday! Hugs to you honey!!!!!!

  8. Awww thanks Cecile. Merry Christmas to you my friend :)

    And I do like it when i go dark, they do got better cookies ;D

  9. Oh man! She is EVIL! I love the wicked twist to the story! :D

  10. Great creepy Christmas tale! I love that angle- it was a surprise. I think the picture you chose was perfect. This post has got me thinking! Well done!


  11. Not the christmas story I was expecting but very good nonetheless.

  12. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas! I loved your Flash Fiction-I loved how dark it was!

  13. oooooooooooooooooh. Dark. I love it! Oh Santa...I mean...Winter Prince its not nice to eat kids. haha. =D

  14. Thanks Blodeuedd! You talented you!! :)

  15. Chris
    You can say that again

    That's nice :D I already spoke to Ana how I should soften the blow and tell you that the prince raised her as a princess ;) But ok he just have her for dinner then. Lol

    Thank you :D I am glad you enjoyed my creepy xmas story. I had fun writing it and I wanted something darker.

    No, I doubt anyone expected that ;)

    Thanks :D
    And Merry Christmas

    No, that bad bad winter prince, wicked to the bone, but he has to eat too

    Awww thank you Cherry



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