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Review: The Summer of You - Kate Noble

Series: The Blue Raven #2
Genre: Historical romance
Pages: 352
Published: 2010
Publisher: Berkley
Source: My own

Lady Jane Cummings is certain that her summer is ruined when she is forced to reside at isolated Merrymere Lake with her reckless brother and ailing father. Her fast-paced London society is replaced with a small town grapevine. But one bit of gossip catches Jane's attention- rumors that the lake's brooding new resident is also an elusive highwayman. 

Jane must face the much discussed mysterioso after he saves her brother from a pub brawl. She immediately recognizes him from London: Byrne Worth, war hero and apparent hermit-whom she finds strangely charming. The two build a fast friendship, and soon nothing can keep this Lady away from Merrymere's most wanted. Convinced of his innocence, Jane is determined to clear Byrne's name-and maybe have a little fun this summer after all. 

My thoughts:
I did not like it as good as book 1, or book 3 for that matter, but it was still a very good book. And I truly loved the hero. I can't put my finger on what made it slightly not as good since the couple was great, the village quaint, the plot good, and, oh it is a mystery.

To the story then. The couple met briefly in book 1, but do not worry, this one can be read wonderfully on its own, and I must also say that I like that I read book 3 before this one. Because Jason was sure a child at the beginning of this one, not yet grown up mentally to take over the estate, even if he is 24. Anyway, it is not his story, it is Jane's. Jane who I did not like that much in book 1, and now suddenly, yes I liked her. She has a lot to think about, with her father being ill, and her mourning her mother, and she has also grown up. I also liked that she has a streak of rebellion in her. Cos I sure would not want to find a highwayman and put him behind bars.

The hero, oh, yes I loved him. Byrne is broken, and I do like a broken hero. He is the village hermit who scowls at everyone. He does not want company, he does not want pity and he is in pain after the war. To see him smile as she brought out the best in him was the best in this novel.

And then we have the whole village who does not like Byrne. A young Miss who thinks she is in love with Jason, Jason who just want to have fun (and not meet the village ladies), and a nice look at the daily life of them all. Together it brings out the best in everyone, and the worst.

The sweetness, it is the sweetness that I like about these, and the fact that they wait and not jump each other at once. 

Cute, but a want a face and the colors are a bit...


  1. Adding this series to my list. Nice review.

  2. It's always sad when a book in a series isn't quite as good as the rest but it sounds like a fun historical series for sure!

  3. Mary
    All in all such a good series :D I think book 3 was my fav, but that might be cos I read it first

    Sad indeed :/ Still it was really good, just not as good

  4. Hmm interesting. Haven't read anything by this author yet.

  5. Awwww, I love me a broken hero. It just makes the story so much better, because he needs all the lovin' he can get. SOunds like a cute book series. ^.^ BTW, I'm not a fan of the cover either. lol.

  6. They don't jump each other at once? Strange...I would say even uncharacteristic.

  7. I so wanted to love this one too, because I loved both of the characters! I felt like subplots and all those rowdy kids were stealing their thunder. Good review!

  8. Sounds like a sweet story since she's like bringing him out of his shell.

  9. I love a broken hero too, the more damaged and tortured, the better! I like that the romance isn't an instantly-in-bed type as well, it's nice to have a tension filled build up!

  10. Aurian
    She is really good, you should try one of her books

    I think it is the color, too much goin on with the

    Anywa, yYES! He so need all the lovin' he can get, and I truly love heroes like that. Cos the are worth it

    Lol, I know, very non-jumpy people

  11. Jenny
    Hm...I think you are right, I did not mind Victoria, but did we need those kids running amok? I do not think so.

    Jenny N
    A very sweet story :)

    *waves to Chris*

    It built up for a long time, and I so need that. I know that these days in HR they jump in bed quickly but I am not a fan. It is HR after all

  12. I do like this genre, and almost anything set in London.
    I like a broken hero too.

  13. This doesn't sound too bad. I like sweet romances.

  14. I always love a good book when the characters actually get to know each other before rolling in the hay!

  15. i love a sweet historical romance, so i may like this!

  16. Comparing one book with the others in the series is inevitable. Some books just "feel" better than others to me... it just happens... sometimes I can dissect it, sometimes not :)

  17. Naida
    Though this one is not set in London, only for the forst 4 pages or so. Still it's good.

    Then I am sure you would enjoy this one too

    I know right, that is so much better, and they become friends first here.

    I am sure you would :D

    Some just have that feeling that they are better, true. And it is so hard to figure out why this is sometimes. it's just something there

  18. I did not realize this book was part of a series! I must check my TBR to make sure I have the first book...

  19. I think it is hard because when you are reading a series, you compare them to each other. I think the standard is much higher that way. But it sounds like a great series though.

  20. it suffered from book 2 syndrome huh? Sometimes that middle child is just difficult :)

  21. Patti
    Yes first book first :) And then book 3 ;) No, now I am being bad

    True, cos if this book had been a standalone then it would have been much better than other HR books. But now I compared

    Those annoying middle children

  22. I have never read Romance novels before, so this book/series has peaked my interest. Thanks for the review!

  23. Cute cover. There's always one book in the series that doesn't go as well, but it sounds like it's still readable at least. Love the hermit!

  24. Wdebo
    Never? Oh then you are in for many treats :) There are so many good ones out there, and so many different ones.

    Jenny Girl
    The hermit, aka our heroine, is the best thing



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