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Review: Nights of Villjamur - Mark Charan Newton

Series: Legends of the red sun #1
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 497
Published: 2009
Publisher: TOR
Source: Bought

Beneath a dying red sun sits the proud and ancient city of Villjamur, capital of a mighty empire that now sits powerless against an encroaching ice age. As throngs of refugees gather outside the city gates, a fierce debate rages within the walls about the fate of these desperate souls. Then tragedy strikes—and the Emperor’s elder daughter, Jamur Rika, is summoned to serve as queen. Joined by her younger sister, Jamur Eir, the queen comes to sympathize with the hardships of the common people, thanks in part to her dashing teacher Randur Estevu, a man who is not what he seems. 

Meanwhile, the grisly murder of a councillor draws the attention of Inspector Rumex Jeryd. Jeryd is a rumel, a species of nonhuman that can live for hundreds of years and shares the city with humans, birdlike garuda, and the eerie banshees whose forlorn cries herald death. Jeryd’s investigation will lead him into a web of corruption—and to an obscene conspiracy that threatens the lives of Rika and Eir, and the future of Villjamur itself. 

But in the far north, where the drawn-out winter has already begun, an even greater threat appears, against which all the empire’s military and magical power may well prove useless—a threat from another world.

I am gonna do this in the 3 reasons review format because honestly I got nothing to say at all. (well nothing nice at least).

1.) Reasons you chose this book 
It sounded good. An ice age is coming, the dead are walking, intrigues and an interesting sounding world. 

2.) Reasons you liked or disliked this book 
*I disliked it because I could not connect with anyone, I did not care if they lived or died. 

*It bored me, it had so much potential but for some reason it never sucked me in. I noticed it already on page 20 but I soldiered on. I am a sucker for punishment and well I had a free evening when I was home alone. So I finished the book, but I do admit to skimming a lot. 

*There was romance too, now that was really bad. One who had a relationship he hid, one couple who suddenly fell in love, no no no, please. And one guy who lusted after his ex-wife. He could have left the tension but the rest should have been skipped. It was not very well done. 

*I feel so sad now cos I can't say anything good about it, but when you do not connect it is not easy. 

*The only reason I did like the book somewhat was that it had potential and that the end was a bit interesting. So I can give it an ok since I did skim on, it was not truly bad thanks to the hidden gems. 

3.) Reasons you are recommending this book 
Sadly I can't since I was bored by it, but if it sounds interesting then get it from the library and have a go at it. 


  1. B,

    It really did sound interesting in the blurb. Don't you hate it when the blurb ends up being the best part of the book?


  2. Ooooh, I'm so sorry. That's how I felt about 'The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots' I literally had nothing nice to say. =( Better luck next time!

  3. Oh, dear you really didn't like this did you? I have to admit it sounded a bit too heavy for me - I haven't tried a 'serious' fantasy book for a while and I don't think I'll be starting with this one!

  4. That's too bad. But thanks for your honest review. For me writing that I didn't like the book is harder than saying how much I enjoy it.

  5. Michelle
    I do hate it :( So sad, I hate when I do not fall for fantasy books. it is the time it really breaks me down.

    I tried to say something nice and I did manage somewhat, but, yes it fell so short for me

    I would not exactly call it serious though. I read this other review that kind of nailed it, it said he built up a great place but did not explore it or the characters more

  6. Linda
    It sure is, yes I can have trouble saying why I love a book but then I just ramble on, but hard

  7. What a let-down. The jacket seemed quite interesting though.

  8. uh oh, sounds like there was more you didn't like about it than things you did like.

  9. I read this book because a review copy was sent to me for free. And the only good recommendation I could give it is, if you suffer insomnia, this book is a good cure! I wholeheartedly agree with Blodeuedd that this book is boring!

  10. I want more stories of you terrorizing the librarians. :)

  11. Absent
    Sadly a true let-down :/
    There was something about it, just not something for me

    Carrie does show ;)

    Yay I am not alone, oh I am evil, but I do not like being alone. So now I have a partner in crime, this book was boring.

    Oh...well I did leave a few recs ;)

  12. That's sad because it sounds so good on the blurb. Guess I'll skip this one...

  13. I am so sorry, dear Blodeuedd. It is such a sad thing when a book doesn't work for you.

  14. Elysium
    And I bought it and all from a real bookstore, arghh, which made it double as expensive and it all fell flat

    It is the hardest thing in the world, woe me

  15. That's too bad. The synopsis sounded so good!

  16. Jenny Q
    That is the sad part, I had hopes

  17. Oh no! What a tragedy! I've never seen the Three Reasons format but I'll consider it for my next negative and not much to say review.

  18. Steph
    Poor 3 reasons, I tend to use it for books I have nothing to say about. And sometimes books that I did like but it is the 15th in a series ;)

  19. Aw... sorry you didn't like it. It really should have been a DNF, but I understand having to finish a book once you start it. I hope the next will be so much better!

  20. Sorry it did not work for you. I used to get angry at the waste of time I ex pended on a book specially since so many good ones out there.

  21. Melissa
    It was fantasy, sure I have dfned some but not my own books. and it was a bit ok in parts of it :(

    Luckily I had a whole evening free that i got waste on this book

  22. It's really hard when you can't connect to a book on any level, makes reading a challenge instead of a fun, relaxing activity:) So sorry this one was a bit of a fail for you, hope the next book you pick up blows you away!

  23. Thanks for giving the book a go and sorry it didn't work out for you!

  24. Mark
    I feel so bad for not liking it, but I do know that there are two kinds of fantasy for me. Those I like, and those that does not work at all for me even though I am fascinated by the world

  25. Oh, no! It's so tough with fantasy, I feel, to really strike a balance that works for many people. It's a pretty tight-knit genre, especially epic fantasy. Sorry this one didn't work out for you. I've never read it, but I remember it was all over blogosphere when it came out.

  26. Arti,
    Some just do not work for me, like Rothfuss, honestly I have seldom been more bored than when reading that Wind book. Oh well

  27. Sorry you disliked it, but if you cannot connect with the main characters, it is very hard. I had the same problem yesterday, and I so wanted to like this series, and author.

  28. Aurian
    i need to like someone, but I just, well never really got to know them

  29. Thanks for the warning. I think I'll skip this one.

  30. That's too bad...but this is your first dud in a long time. I felt that way once about book 8 or 9 in the Wheel of Time series...I didn't care if they all were obliterated...that's when I knew that I'd had enough of that series.

  31. Ryan
    I just read the blurb for the 2nd book and it sounds so good, but yes I know it us not for me

    Lol, hey, I love those books! Even if they bored me at times when they just went on and on..and on. Still love ;)

  32. Perfect use for this format!

    Shame this book stunk because it sounds so different and interesting. I hate it when I buy books on a blurb and they stink.

  33. Jenny
    I had hoped more, but yes every book wont work for me, and this was one of them.

    Aye, awesome format



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