Wednesday 14 December 2011

Review: Carrie Goes off the Map - Phillipa Ashley

Genre: Contemporary romance/Chic-lit
Pages: 304
Published: Dec 1 2011 (2009 It Should have been Me)
Publisher: Sourcebooks 

Carrie Brownhill lets her best friend talk her into a scenic European road trip as the perfect getaway from a nasty breakup with her fiancé. Unexpectedly along for the ride is the gorgeous and intriguing Matt Landor, MD, who sorely tests Carrie’s determination to give up men altogether. Careening through the English countryside in a VW camper van, these two mismatched but perfectly attuned lonely hearts find themselves in hot pursuit of adventure and in uncharted territory altogether.

My thoughts:
I do love the English, all those words I do not hear that often when I read so many American novels. But here I get them all and I bloody love it.

Carrie is dumped by her fiancé (who I thought was an utter ass, but later I did change my mind. He was just a man after all.) Poor Carrie is  hurt and angry and I like her, and I like her even more when she has a little revenge. Her new leading man is Matt, but things move slowly along and that is a good thing. I really like how it works out in the end. Nothing fast and furious here. As for Matt, oh, he is a doctor out in the jungle, and to top it off, he is hot. She also calls him a dirty Mr-Darcy and that sure caught my attention.  Sometimes I liked him, sometimes I wondered about the woman he was seeing. But all in all I liked him and I thought these two should hook up.

Much of the book is about the roadtrip. Carrie needs to get over Huw, Matt has his own issues why he is in England. So there will be sun, sand, kisses, arguing between them and realizations.

I liked this one because it was sweet, but it was not too sweet since Carrie made her fair share of mistakes. It's life. Cute, happy and a page-turner.


And a message from Sourcebooks:

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  1. That sounds like a cute book. I love the cover!

  2. A dirty Mr. Darcy? Well if that's not enough to get me to read this book I don't know what else would do it. I always love English phrases and sayings too:)

  3. I do like road trips. This one sounds like my type of book.

  4. Nice review, not sure yet though.

  5. Traipsing around the English countryside in a VW camper van sounds pretty fun. :)

  6. Sounds like a cute little book. Great review!

  7. Sounds like an awesome road trip!

  8. Bermuda
    It is truly cute, and I forgot to mention it!

    Lol, that is what she said, I guess cos he looked a bit dirty at first. I do love phrases and I always speak in my head like them afterwards

    It is sure a good way to get the story going

  9. Aurian
    Perhaps not romance-y enough?

    Hihi, she did not think so at first but she changed her mind

    It was :)

    I want a road trip too

  10. Sounds cute. And thanks for the heads up on the Darcy sale. I may finally have to pick up Pemberley Ranch.

  11. Seems like a sweet read. I'm picturing Matt to be rugged too since he's a jungle doctor.

  12. This is my favorite line of your review: "He was just a man after all." Sometimes we gals put up with so much, don't we?

  13. Carol
    Do that :) it was different and fun to read. Darcy truly fits as a cowboy.

    He was truly rugged at first ;)

    Aye, we sure do. It is just...well he is just a man...and they are eejits

  14. I am new to Phillipa Ashley and will keep my eye out for this one.

  15. Carrie
    Oh how come? ;)
    Lol, yes a good name

    I came cross her for the first time when i saw this hallmark movie of a book of hers :)

  16. A doctor out in the jungle?! Woohoo! That got my attention quickly. LOL

  17. Missie
    Lol, everyone is loving the good doctor it seems

  18. What a bloody great review! ;D

    This one does sound sweet. Oh and I'll have to take advantage of the sale.

  19. Sounds like a sweet read. And thanks for the note on the Jane Austen sale. Have to get my hands on some of those!

  20. This sounds like such a cute read, kissing and sand sounds good to me :D

  21. I like the sound of a dirty Mr. Darcy!

  22. I wish I had gotten this none for review. I read one of her others and enjoyed it.

  23. Melissa
    It is one awesome sale so go forth and shop

    Go crazy, lol. And who would not like a dirty Mr Darcy :)

    very cute indeed and perhaps needed when I have been reading so many UF novels lately.

    I just saw the movie of her other book and wanted to give this one a go

  24. I think I'm the only one who didn't like this one. It was a dnf. ):

  25. lol...I do bloody love anything English myself. I must visit one day.
    Happy Brithday to one of my fav authors ever. She created some of the best heroes and stories.

  26. Naida
    And without her I would not have those variations I bloody love so much ;)

  27. never read any of Ashley's work and I didn't realize she was a British writer. I will def give her a try now. Thanks B :)

  28. Jenny
    Well I guess so, cos she do use a lot of words ;)



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