Thursday 29 December 2011

Review: Rise of Empire - Michael J.Sullivan

Series: The Riyria Revelations #2 (3 and 4)
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 656
Published: Dec 2011
Publisher: Orbit
Source: Xmas pressie :)

The adventure continues as Royce and Hadrian aid the struggling kingdom of Melengar as it alone stands in defiance against the newly formed empire. War approaches and a desperate gamble behind enemy lines is their only chance at forming an alliance with the Nationalists to the south. 

But Royce has plans of his own as he uses this opportunity to discover if an ancient wizard is using Riyria as pawns in his own bid for power. To find the truth, Royce must unravel Hadrian's hidden past. What he discovers will lead them to the end of the known world on a journey rife with treachery and intrigue. 

My thoughts:
Here is where you hear me swearing because I do not have book 3 ready *insert curse*. I seriously need more, and this coming from someone who has done pretty much nothing else than read for 2 days straight. Sp sorry if nothing I say make sense in this review.

Ok where to start? That is always the question, I am still high on good book, I do love fantasy, I just love to read without stopping and just feel that I am getting lost in another world, that nothing else exists anymore. And that is what this book manages to do for me, it is old school fantasy, and I adore old school fantasy. The adventure, the intrigues, the fact that I just feel so at home in whatever world is created. It feels like coming home.

Hadrian and Royce are the best, to have friends like that, now that would be something. I do admit to liking Royce a bit more, but that is cos of his origin, I have always had a soft spot for his kind. And Hadrian is so sweet, I do hope he finds the girl I want him to find.

As for the rest, Arista has grown a lot. Poor Empress, her I fear for, the baddies, omg, the baddies are so evil! Just like they should be. I truly hate them because they are so set in they ways. I really want more info about the elves. And then there are a bunch of others we meet in this story, all good to love or hate.

I am rambling again, why do I always ramble? I kind of wanted to hug this book when it ended cos I was happy. There is nothing better than a book that leaves you happy. And with this I mean it was a good bool because the end, yes bad things are going to happen in the next book if people are not stopped.

If you have not noticed by now I liked this book, and i can't wait to read book 3. It is pre-ordered and it should arrive in a month or so. And I really need my pretty print copy cos this is one big bool.

Well duh, yes of course I recommend it. Just let yourself be swept away by this fantasy adventure

Something is going on in those pants, seriously check on a bigger pic, it looks weird.


  1. LOL at the bigger picture of the cover! It looks like the Empire's not the only thing rising...

  2. Hehe - I love a reading high! I'm on one from Carolyn Crane's Dissolutionist series and I really want to write a review to do it justice but it's just going to be a rambling mass of OMG I LOVE IT!
    You have definitely made me want to check this series out. I've seen the covers but it hadn't really appealed to me.

  3. Lol - I love that wanting to hug a book. it's great when a book makes you feel like that. I always get a kick out of you when you read one and you don't have the other one ready to go especially since it happens quite often.

  4. hehe you are too funny!

    Curse all you want---I feel the same way about another series. I needed it now :)

  5. Chris
    Lol, I knew I was not crazy ;) Been staring at his crutch for ages

    I know, sometimes I just go omg omg omg! *ramble ramble* Nothing makes sense, if you are not crazy in love too :)

    I so gotta read Head Rush by the way

    Hihi, I know ;) I am so bad with that, I want things this minute! And I knew this would happen, but I still had to read this book cos I could wait no more.

    Still it is the best negative happy feeling ever

  6. The books that make you feel that way may be few and far between but when you get them it's an overload of joy! Best babble ever!

    FYI: I took a good look at the cover and you ladies are right - my goodness!

  7. This series sounds really fantastic. I love it when I want to hug a book.
    That cover is a tad bit!

  8. I kind of wanted to hug this book when it ended cos I was happy. There is nothing better than a book that leaves you happy


    I don't know when but I am going to start this series. Empire is rising? *wink* Really? How they dared to print something like that on the cover? Small children might pick it up...*snicker*

  9. The cover caught my attention as well. I love reading your reviews when you love a book. Makes me want to read it even if the plot doesn't interest me at all.

  10. Yep, been looking at fantasy more and more. Think I need to read a good series like this. Yep, you did it to me again... must read. :)

  11. LOL about the picture! Yep, something is going on for sure :)

  12. Reading for 2 days straight and then hugging the book once you were done? All signs point to a great book!

  13. On the bigger picture, I thought he got an hernia!?

  14. Cherry
    Who knows what is going on there, I have tried to see..but, weird

  15. Yes and yes and yes to all that you said. We need our Hadrian and Royce soon!!
    32 days left... who's counting the days...

  16. Alyssa
    Lol, I am glad you liked my babble. Because when I get happy I get happy and love books like this one.

    And it takes me also to get everyone talking about the cover, haha.

    Hihi, I know, I mean why? So weird.
    Book hugging is the best.

    Oh the empire is sure rising, big rise too, rising to the sky..ok please make me stop ;)

  17. Dana
    I am glad yo hear that, beause yes I do seem to have a certain style when I truly fall in love.

    You must read fantasy! Did I mention that fantasy is like chocolate for the soul? no...well it me.

    I know, honestly ;)

    Great sign for sure :D

  18. Book Cat
    I did see that my UK copy will be released faster than the US one *fingers crossed* Since I still gotta wait for the mail

  19. BAHAHHAHAHAHA! There is something going on in his pants. Maybe an gnome crawled up there?

    Sounds like a pretty epic book! I haven't read too many fantasy books this maybe I'll check this out in 2012. =D

  20. Carole
    Haha, yes perhaps a gnome is nesting there, all cozy and warm. Aww how sweet.

    Lol, yes do read some fantasy in 2012

  21. Now I really want to read fantasy soon! Sounds so good!

  22. Elysium
    Come back to fantasy! You know it will treat you right

  23. Ha ha haahahahah... Okay, sorry. I just had to laugh as you feel the same way I do about this. :) AMAZING!!! Arista is amazing I loved, LOOOOVED the way she grew as a character. And Thrace, oh poor Thrace. But I love Royce too, I like the bad man and his heritage. He's a mystery for me and I like that. I want more of him and to learn more of him. But Hadrian became a new mystery too. And I have to say in this last book, Hadrian stole my heart. ;D hee hee. But amazing reads. I THRILLED to see you enjoying this one. :) Thank you!!



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