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Audio: The road to bittersweet - Donna Everhart

For fourteen-year-old Wallis Ann Stamper and her family, life in the Appalachian Mountains is simple and satisfying, though not for the tenderhearted. While her older sister, Laci-a mute, musically gifted savant-is constantly watched over and protected, Wallis Ann is as practical and sturdy as her name. When the Tuckasegee River bursts its banks, forcing them to flee in the middle of the night, those qualities save her life. But though her family is eventually reunited, the tragedy opens Wallis Ann's eyes to a world beyond the creek that's borne their name for generations. Carrying what's left of their possessions, the Stampers begin another perilous journey from their ruined home to the hill country of South Carolina. Wallis Ann's blossoming friendship with Clayton, a high diving performer for a traveling show, sparks a new opportunity, and the family joins as a singing group. But Clayton's attention to Laci drives a wedge between the two sisters. As jealousy and betrayal threaten to accomplish what hardship never could-divide the family for good-Wallis Ann makes a decision that will transform them all in unforeseeable ways . . . 

Audio CD, 11 h
Published December 26th 2017 by Tantor Audio
For review

My thoughts:
Wallis Ann is 14. She works hard helping her parents. Taking care of her baby brother. And taking care of her older sister Laci, who can not talk and they do not even know how much she understands. But she is a wonder with music.

All is well until the storm and everything changes. Life gets hard and to survive they leave. Wallis Ann is always the cheerful one, poor kid, she tries so hard to please everyone and never thinks about herself.

But she is 14 after all. And there will be first love, first jealousy and resentment against her so pretty sister that she always has to look after.

I liked Wallis Ann, she was just you know, normal. The one you really can relate too. And those hardships they went though, I have no idea how they can survive that, but then we could not, they at least knew how to cook food over a fire ;)

I liked the after the Flood events. The Carnival one were good too, but they were more on their feet then. And I did like the end, even if, yeah, well I can't say, but at least there will be happiness at the end of the rainbow.

A good book that shows how uncertain life could be back then (and now). Family dynamics and a coming to age book.

Amy Melissa Bentley
I liked her accent, is it right? Oh I am not from the South, I do not have a clue, but it was pleasant listening too.
She did well with everyone


  1. I love these kinds of stories Blodeuedd thanks for the review

  2. Wallis Ann sounds like a great character. I need to look for this - I can tell you if the accent is right. ;)

  3. Sounds like a poignant story with some good characterizations. I need to chec it out!

  4. Sounds like a story full of ups & down but interesting! ❤

  5. That sounds like an interesting story.

  6. I'm always looking for a good audiobook! I have a feeling this one will make me cry...

    Do You Dog-ear?

  7. Poor girl. 14? too young to have to worry about all that stuff.

  8. I love a book that has great dynamics.

  9. Sounds like an emotional story - and good.

  10. I like coming to age stories. They are always interest me. :)

  11. oh this one was new to me there

  12. Sounds like a nice one to listen to.

  13. As much as I enjoy YA, I think a 14 year old protagonist might be on the young side for me. I do like the sound of the narrator, though!

    1. It's not really YA ya you know, it's a story about a family

  14. Now this one sounds like one that I think I would enjoy. Great find!



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