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Blog Tour Review: Aphrodite's Tears - Hannah Fielding

In ancient Greece, one of the twelve labours of Heracles was to bring back a golden apple from the Garden of Hesperides. To archaeologist Oriel Anderson, joining a team of Greek divers on the island of Helios seems like the golden apple of her dreams. Yet the dream becomes a nightmare when she meets the devilish owner of the island, Damian Lekkas. In shocked recognition, she is flooded with the memory of a romantic night in a stranger’s arms, six summers ago. A very different man stands before her now, and Oriel senses that the sardonic Greek autocrat is hell-bent on playing a cat and mouse game with her. As they cross swords and passions mount, Oriel is aware that malevolent eyes watch her from the shadows. Dark rumours are whispered about the Lekkas family. What dangers lie in Helios, a bewitching land where ancient rituals are still enacted to appease the gods, young men risk their lives in the treacherous depths of the Ionian Sea, and the volatile earth can erupt at any moment? Will Oriel find the hidden treasures she seeks? Or will Damian’s tragic past catch up with them, threatening to engulf them both? 

Paperback, 624 pages
Expected publication: January 25th 2018 by London Wall Publishing
Romantic fiction
for review

My thoughts:
I think the 70s setting fitted this book, cos if she had written it to take place today, wow, *me hitting men in the head* Hehe. Just say some of the men were very old school, but for the most they were cool. But it was the 70s, it was Greece, it was a island where most were farmers or fishermen. And it was fitting. I do hate when they try to make things like the times wasn't. Like come on, do not shy away cos if it, how do you think someone would react if you swim around in a bikini in a place where women wear shawls and black clothes. So this guy points out that a one piece is better, that is it.

So Oriel comes to Greece to work. She is an archaeologist. She is good and tired of mud. Oh and she had this hot one night stand ages ago.

Damian rules the Island, yes I told you they are old school, he is also an archaeologist (match made in heaven). And honestly, he so fits the persona I would think from some 70s Greek, lol, ok I have read too many Mills and boon books, but hey in those the guys are still like that. Oh and he is the guy who seduced her and still has the hots for her.

So he is her boss. She is all, nope, I should not fancy him. There is a cousin who, yes, that woman has issues! She was the most old school of them all. In the end she might be the only one in fact. Ugh that woman.

But, the book was too long to be honest, I am so pressed for time these days, and 600 p is a lot. In that time there is drama, discoveries, jealousy, old flames, diving and happily ever after.

A true Greek drama, with a happy ending.

Aphrodite’s Tears is out in paperback on 25th January for £7.99.

About the Author

Following her huge success as one of the UK’s leading romance authors with total sales of over 130k, Aphrodite’s Tears follows the award winning success of Hannah Fielding’s previous novels Burning Embers, Echoes of Love, Masquerade, Legacy and Indiscretion. Echoes of Love won Romance Novel of the Year at the IPB Awards in 2012 and Burning Embers was Amazon’s book of the month in 2011, while Hannah’s novels have been translated into 13 languages. With its spectacular setting and deep emotional drama, Aphrodite’s Tears will appeal both to fans of her backlist, as well as lovers of atmospheric travel writing including Santa Montefiore, Penny Vincenzie, Victoria Hislop and Lucinda Riley. 

Egyptian by birth Hannah is fluent in French, English and Arabic and has lived all over the world, she currently lives between her writing retreat in the South of France and her rambling family home in Ireland.  Hannah’s grandmother, Esther Fanous, was the revolutionary feminist writer in Egypt during the early 1900s.

Twitter: @fieldinghannah



  1. Blodeuedd I also have trouble reading something set in the recent past where there are no cell phones etc.. before that I have not problem. Yikes 600+ pages are a little long. Thanks

  2. Sounds a little old school, soap opera-ish but in a fun way.

    For What It's Worth

  3. Wow, that's a long book! I've seen it on Maureen's blog several times, I think :)

  4. Not sure this would be the right one for me but thanks for letting us know about it.

  5. Despite its length sounds fascinating. Ah long live Mills and Boons heroes and heroines!

  6. 600 pg that you are aware with how long it is, isn't good (or not great at least). 600 pg and you are astonished at how quickly it goes is good. Guess it was the former but still sounds entertaining.

    1. It used to be like that, now long is just long

  7. A bit long. For me it takes time to get through such a long book.

  8. Can't wait to read it myself! I have the book. Just gotta squeeze it in....maybe a Feb book

  9. I like the setting of this one but I agree that 600 is sometimes a bit too long.

  10. I like the whole archeology and Greek Isles setting and don't mind it set in the 70's. Might be iffy on all the drama though. LOL
    Eh, I'd give it a try. :)

  11. Glad you enjoyed the book, despite it running overly long. Sometimes it's nice to settle in with a nice tome though. :)

    Oh and I think there is an error in your post title, I thought it was the author of Bridget Jones Diary at first :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  12. I love anything with a greek drama and this one sounds entertaining.

  13. It sounded interesting until you said over 600 pages. That's way too long for me. I don't have that kind of time to invest in a book.

  14. An archaeologist who is good and tired of mud, lol.

  15. I confess that I'm not a big fan of this period in books

  16. Thanks for the review. The concept sounds a little confusing and at 600 pages... wow! I wonder if this would be good as a movie.

    1. Confusing, na, maybe I made it sound that way. They meet, there is a crazy cousin and they flirt

  17. I don't think I've ever read one in the 70s. Hrm.


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