Friday 17 October 2014

Romance Friday. The House on Blackberry Hill - Donna Alward

Abby Foster is a fish out of water in the Maine coastal town of Jewell Cove. The crumbling Foster estate, left to her by a relative she never even knew, has everyone’s eyes on her—an eerie reminder of the long-buried family secrets that have haunted her…forever. Single, stunning, and sometimes too strong-willed for her own good, Abby’s plan is to sell the house and hightail it back to Nova Scotia. But another part of her is intrigued by the idea of starting over somewhere new—and finally learning the truth about her heritage.   

Enter Tom Arseneault. The best contractor in Jewell Cove, Tom is determined to restore the beauty and prestige of the Foster mansion—and maybe even work his charms on its beautiful new heir. The attraction between him and Abby is undeniable, and the more time Tom spends on the house the more he wants to be in it with her. But Abby’s not sure she can trust him—or anyone in Jewell Cove who seems to know more about her family history than she does. Home: Is it really where the heart is after all?

My thoughts:
A cute contemporary romance, I could leave it like that, because that is really enough.

But fine, I will say more ;)

Abby has inherited lots of money and a house, and all from a relative she did not know about. So she goes to see the house and discovers family secrets. It was a bit strange, cos there was this paranormal aspect with a ghost. Most of the time you can leave it to the fact that she only imagined it, but no, there really was a ghost here. Ok forget about the ghost. Abby always wanted family, always wanted a home. Can she find one here? Well duh yes!

Tom is a contractor and wants to fix her house. And yes they start to fall for each other. But he still thinks about another girl, and Abby does not want to stay. They become friends, they fall in lust, and they have their happily ever after.

I liked this town, but then I love small towns. They always gossip, everyone is friendly and I always go all awww, I wanna live there!


Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages
Published April 29th 2014 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Jewell Cove #1
Contemporary romance


  1. I love reading about small towns and the romance in this one sounds like it develops in a nice way, no instalove. Great review!

  2. Sounds like a nice, sweet romance. And I love the title.

  3. Sounds like something I would enjoy as well. You had me at cute contemporary romance. LOL

    1. I do like contemporary romance, and I read so little of it

  4. I am like you, I love small town books for that reason, they are so cozy, and I want to live there too.

    1. Totally :) We do not really have small towns like that here

  5. Ack! I thought this work week would never be over. But now it is. *knocks on wood*

  6. Replies
    1. :) Do I did see a review that book 2 was not as good

  7. It sounds like a sweet one! I don't think I know about the author but maybe one day.

  8. Sometimes "cute romance" really is all you need. Though it's hard to leave it at that!

  9. :D Romance. I need to read one of those.

  10. This sounds cute ... just what I need right now and I like small town romances :)



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