Saturday 24 January 2015

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In Jan 23 2015 and The Lascar's Dagger review

Sat, 1,5 h walk
Sun, 1.10 h walk
Mon, 9 km bike, 1,5 h yoga
Tue, 30 min walk, 6 km bike, 45 min workout class
Wed, 1 hour zumba, 4 km bike
Thu, 30 min walk, 4 km bike and I hit 15 000 steps for the first time :D
Fri, 30 min walk and 4 km bike

Good week, I was happy to reach 15000 one day :) . That was thanks to walking at work, which I did not count cos the kids walked so slowly, ha, and a trip to the library with them. And when I got home grocery shopping and that 30 min walk.

Oh and the bike thing, it's not like I workout two times in a day. I just take the bike to work...always, come snow, rain, ice...


A theft in a faraway land --- with repercussions that reach around the world... 
The world thinks of Saker Rampion as a priest, a gentle man preaching peace. The truth is, he's a spy for the head of his faith, posted in the court of King Edwayn.

It's a time of fear --- as a mysterious and monstrous disease sweeps the country ---but also opportunity ---lucrative trade is opening up overseas, and what's grown on the Spice Islands is rumored to cure the demonic plague.

However when the king uses his own daughter as a pawn in trade deals, Saker cannot help but get involved. And for his trouble, he may just end up excommunicated, or even dead..

My thoughts:
Arghh, I am not having a good time with my xmas books! This book had some good parts, but most of the time it was dull or I wanted to kick a character in the nuts.

Saker, our good priest who is a naive little idiot. I mean come on, you are a spy? HA. A naive little idiot. Yes I did not like him after a certain point.

Sorrel, ok she was sort of interesting but she needed backbone.

Mathilda, oh I hate this bitch. That was not cool!

So no characters to like. The world building was there, but lacking. The story felt slow and not a lot happened. The way of the Oak was interesting, I did like that, but would have wanted more explanations of this religion.

1/3 of the book was good. The rest was eh, the last part was skim worthy.

I am so disappointed.

Paperback, 464 pages
Published March 18th 2014 by Orbit
The Forsaken Lands #1


  1. Whoop! You did great! How can you ride in all that snow??

    <3 your pics :-)

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  2. I'd fall on my patoot if I tried to bike in the snow & ice, lol. Great work!! 15000 steps on one day is impressive.

  3. I bought a bike a few years ago...I used it once or twice. I am determined to get back on it this year!

  4. Sorry it wasn't what you expected...

  5. I think I'll skip that book.
    Nice pictures, they are only missing something furry and orange to be perfect.

    1. Yes must have something orange and furry here next time

  6. I just hate biking and I absolutely refuse to do it in winter. I'm sure I'd break my neck or something.

    Doesn't Larke have lots of books? Never tried anything and I'm wondering if her other books are better.

    1. I have always done it :) But damn how I hated some icy days,

      I did like another series by her, the one before this one

  7. You did great with steps - congrats on hitting 15K!!
    My area looks just like your pics.
    Too bad about the book.

  8. Oh i am sorry your Christmas book was dull in parts. The pictures make me smile, we have had very little snow this year.

    1. Most of my xmas books were kind of meh :/

  9. LOL, I agree that only 1/3 of of the book truly grabbed my attention...but for me it was the last third. I remember the first half of the book took so long for me to read because it was a bit of a slog, but the last half I just blew through. I thought the book got better the further along it got, but in the end I'm still kind of unsure whether or not I want to continue with the next book. If I have time, I will.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. I do not think I will continue, buy it, def not. Library, never gonna happen.

      I can see why the last third was good though for you, I was just so mad by that

  10. I love those snow pics! I would love to live somewhere with snow in the winter, which I know must sound crazy to someone who actually LIVES in the snow. But I've only been in snow a handful of times my entire life, and I love it!

    1. Thank you :)

      Handful! Omg, yeah I do see snow every year, for months ;)

  11. Sorrell does sound interesting.

  12. You had an awesome week!!! And what beautiful pictures! We're about to get quite a lot of snow in the next day or so but I don't think I'll be doing much walking outside :(

  13. 1) WOOT WOOT! I am happy for you! Man....I wish I could ride my bike to work (too far away)
    2) Boo, I am sorry. I haven't had a fantastic start of the year either, a couple alright books, but nothing that has blown my socks off yet!

    1. I only live like 10 min away with bike :)

  14. One of my pet peeves is stupid characters. Thanks for saving me from this one.

  15. Wow I'm so impressed that you ride your bike to work in snow/ice! I don't even do that in the sunshine (but I totally should). Sorry this one didn't work out! Hope your next read is better!

  16. Yay for hitting 15000 steps! So proud of you for being active even with all that snow. Beautiful pics! Great job last week.

  17. Well, another bad book! :( You have to break that streak of bad luck!



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