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Dark Immolation - Christopher Husberg

There are rumours in Ashta - a new religion is rising, and Cinzia, one-time Cantic priestess, has escaped the Holy Crucible. Fleeing from Navone, Cinzia travels with Knot, a man of many parts, and Astrid, the child-like vampire. They are gathering followers, but the murderous Nazaniin are still on their trail. Meanwhile, Winter is losing her grip on sanity, grappling with immense powers beyond her understanding. Where she goes, chaos and death follow. 

My thoughts:
Sometimes I do not remember much from a previous book. I read too much ;) But I found it really easy to jump into this book and my memories were triggered. Aha, that is what happened.

Winter thinks everyone is dead and she is in a cell. Nooooo! WInter should not be a prisoner...but she did bring down an entire palace and killed the emperor. But she is a good one!

Knot is getting lost in his memories, oh I like him.

Astrid the child vamp is one freaky kid. I mean, dang!

Cinzia and Jane are starting up a new religion. THis is gonna end badly.

There are court intrigues. Assassinations. How to build your religion and keep followers, lol, not really but people are flocking and it was interesting how starved they were for something better. And I do hope this religion is better and that there is just not some demon hiding behind it. Because they are better than the rest of the idiots.

Demons are running free. Countries are waiting for a good fight and yes this continent will explode. Not yet, but soon. Civil war, religious war, some war of some kind is coming. And the characters are not in a good position, it does make me fear for their lives.

I enjoyed it, I do feel it was better than the first book (love when that happens) and I look forward to the next one

In RL it looks really cool

Paperback, 400 pages
Expected publication: June 20th 2017 by Titan Books (UK)
Chaos Queen #2
For review


  1. yes it's great when the sequel is better

  2. I have the same problem with not really remembering previous books in a series. Unless I read them back to back. Sometimes an author is able to fill in the blanks for me and I can get back into the story, other times I need to reread the previous books. It definitely sounds like the author took the time to sort of jog the readers memory without rehashing everything.

    1. I liked how he did it cos i dislike those previously on....

  3. That's why I kind of gave up on a lot of series. I was forgetting too much lol

    For What It's Worth

  4. That has a really interesting sound to it.

  5. Love when a book is even better than the previous :D

  6. Oh I also love it when the second book surpasses a beloved first book! FTW!

  7. Glad I am not the only one who suffers from book amneisa from time to time. At least this was better than the last, always a good sign.

  8. Demons,vampires and assassins? Things sound like one I would enjoy. I love that you slipped right back into the world.

  9. The first book caught my eye when it came out. Maybe I'll wait until the series is over before I check it out, because it sounds good.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  10. Sounds like a lot going on in this one- good stuff. It does look like it'd be a badass cover. And a child vamp? Eek!!!

  11. Huh...sounds pretty good. Good find. ;) I'd have to read the first one.

  12. Great that the second one was so good. I find as I read into a second book more memories are awakened and sometimes authors give us enough to situate us well.

    1. Some can manage it, but there are always those that does not reawaken their world

  13. Always nice when the second book is even better than the first.

  14. I need a new fantasy series. I've been lost since WOT came to an end.

  15. I am so glad that you enjoyed this second book in the series even more than the first.


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