Friday 2 June 2017

Friday Night Movie: A Little Chaos

Two talented landscape artists become romantically entangled while building a garden in King Louis XIV's palace at Versailles.

Director: Alan Rickman
Writers: Jeremy Brock, Alison Deegan | 
Stars: Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci

Lenght: 1h 52 min

Ok, I admit it, guess what! Another slow movie. But while the others have in their slowness. This one was rather dull and I felt like falling asleep at one point and needed a tea break.

Sure the clothes were pretty. Nice scenery too a times. The actors did well, and it happened to be another Rickman movie. Though I can't say he fit in his role as the king.

BUT, I would not really recommend this movie. It was nice to watch, I had the time, but yes dull. BF would totally have fallen asleep if I had watched it with him, as it was now I watched it with a friend. Who loves Winslet, but thought it was dull too.

Not a bad movie, just a really boring one.


  1. Interesting review, thanks for sharing. Warm greetings!

  2. Where do you find these movies?? I haven't heard of most of them lol

    I can handle a slow book better than I can a slow movie. I fall asleep lol

    For What It's Worth

    1. Hehe, I have tried to watched movies not that big

  3. I will watch this if I want to fall asleep.

  4. That's too bad the movie was such a dud. Such a good cast too. Oh well.

  5. Wait, Alan Rickman directed this? I never knew! I would watch it just to satisfy my curiosity :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  6. Yeah Rickman and Winslet... bummer it was slow. :(

  7. I can't recall if I've seen this or not. I love Alan Rickman, though.

  8. Tbh I can't tolerate slow movies! I prefer action and adventure over slow ones!!
    Haniya Qamar

  9. How has this film escaped my radar? I love Kate Winslet. Even if this was slow, I want to watch it. Thanks for the post!

  10. Not really my kind of movie but thanks for the review.

  11. Down with boring, romantic flicks!

  12. Popping in from the get social event added you to my following little.Happy Reading !

  13. Hi there! Stopping by from the Get Social event! I've been wondering about this movie since I love Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet. How disappointing that it wasn't better. Oh well. Thanks for the review!

  14. This looks really cool! I'll have to check it out.

    (Love the Welsh name. Flower maiden, yes?)


  15. Not my cup of tea! But at least you checked it out!



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