Saturday 16 May 2015

#FitReaders Check-In: May 15, 2015 and Save Yourself review

Join in :D

Sat, 1.5 h walk
Sun, 40 min walk
Mon, 30 min walk, 4 km bike
Tue, 1 h walk, 4 km bike
Wed, 4 km bike (it rained all day :(
Thu, 1 h walk and 30 min walk
Fri, 1 h walk, 4 km bike

Classes are over so that sucks, but a workout class that is free begins next week so that is something at least.


 Adrienne Ashe never wanted to be a princess. She hates fancy dinners, is uncomfortable in lavish dresses, and has never wanted to wait on someone else to save her. However, on the night of her 16th-birthday, her parents, the King and Queen, locked her away in a tower guarded by a dragon to await the rescue of some handsome prince. Now Adrienne has decided to take matters into her own hands! Come join the Eisner-nominated team of Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin for a tale of swashbuckling in the face of sexism. Princeless is the action/adventure for the girl who's tired of waiting to be rescued and ready to save herself! 
My thoughts:
I really should read more comics! They are so fun, but of course I have no idea how to review them. And there might be a spoiler or two in here.

Adrienne was so cool! Already on the first page she showed of her snark when she told her mother that the Rapunzel story had plotholes. Not to mention asked why all the princesses are fair and blonde...

Anyway, sorry Adrienne, your parents still put you in a stupid tower with a dragon to guard you. But she is one cool woman and she breaks free. And she questions why women has to be saved, they can save themselves just as well. Not to mention why can only men rule? And as we see later, why can only men be blacksmiths when his daughter is the one doing the actual work?

First, I must mention a sidestory that showed up. One of the princes who was sent to rescue her. I liked his insight. He was drilled to be charming, but poor guy, he needed someone to save him too. But no one saves a prince ;)

All in all. Great pics, drawn well, I do not how to say it. Smashing illustrations guys! Fun story, snarky and good. I'd totally read more.

Thank you Tiara for sending me it! :D


Paperback, Encore edition, 128 pages
Published April 1st 2014 by Action Lab Entertainment Incorporated (first published May 23rd 2012)
Princeless vol. 1


  1. Thou shalt read more cartoons. Have a nice weekend!

  2. I took a comics this week so I'm curious to read it now!

  3. You went biking under the rain on wednesday ? I admire you, I would have jumped at the excuse to remain home, lol !

  4. You are doing so well with your exercising. I need to find a way to get more exercising in each week.

  5. You're doing awesome! Even in the rain. :D I'm working on it slowly. I would just rather read. lol But I did go for a long walk with the herd pup and have been parking further away when running errands. Baby steps :D

  6. I am getting frustrated with my fitness goals. Ive been working out and eating less and instead of losing pounds, I'm gaining!!! Wtf!!

    1. I feel ya! I have the same problem. Nothing changes :/ I try to tell myself I am getting tiny muscles, but where?

  7. Tiara sent you this? That's awesome! She knows her comics so everything she recommends is good :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. Love the swans. I guess you review a comic book just like any other. Now go, go read more comics and have fun!

  9. Adrianne sounds awesome!!

    I'm getting back on track working out and it's such a struggle to start up agin. It's almost like beginning form scratch :-(

    I'm envious of your scenery lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. She was :D

      I know. I was sick 2 weeks ago and after that my energy was non existent

  10. I've had to read some comics due to my son's powers of persuasion, which are not human! I only worked out 4 times this week, meh. I don't know how you do it, Linda, but I'm in awe of your determination <3

    1. LOL, good boy :D

      Thank you. I try my best but sometimes it is hard

  11. You always have such pretty pictures

  12. No more Zumba? When does it start back up?

    I'm not a good comic reader - I want the whole story and hate waiting month-to-month for more.

    1. Yes no more :/ When the fall term starts again so September. So long

      That I can understand, that is why serials is a no go for me

  13. I haven't read comics for years ... maybe I should. You would be highly motivating to exercise with haha probably a good thing I'm on the other side of the world ;)

  14. I am not a fan of comics, although as a teenager I bought dozens of them. Often the pictures are not pretty enough for me anymore, everything is more brutal and gross and exaggerated. I like pretty ;) But I am glad you enjoyed this.

  15. My exercise...meh. I've given up with all that's going on here. I'll get back to week? After I get caught up on my sleep. ;)

    I do enjoy comics as well. They are hard to review, but I just share what was cool about them, or not, that stuck out to me. You did a great job of reviewing it. :D

  16. I am always saying I need to read more comics, I always have such a good time when I do. :)



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