Friday 14 August 2015

Mark of the Black Arrow - James R. Tuck and Debbie Viguié

A vast darkness is spreading. If left unchecked, it will engulf the world, and so Richard the Lionheart must depart England on a holy mission. In his absence, the safety of the realm is entrusted to his brother, Prince John.

When the king departs, black sorcery begins to grip the land, threatening noble and peasant alike. Horrific creatures stalk the forests, yet the violence they commit pales when compared to the atrocities of men. A handful of rebels fight back, but are doomed to fail unless they can find a hero to lead them. 

My thoughts:
This book takes history and changes it. Richard the Lionheart still leaves for the Holy Land, Prince John still takes over. But, he has a dark sidekick, dunno what the Sheriff is, but it is not good. They have dark magic, dark beings, and will cover the land in darkness. After of course they have taxed the people to death. Grrrrr, I hate prince John.

So there is the story. I must say, I was not that keen on Robin. He was never really in focus before the end. Yes, he was there, but it was like his POV was limping along. Maybe he was meant to grow into the role as a hero (well duh), but I would still have liked to like him before more.

We also have Marian, who to me has a much bigger part. I liked her. And will Scarlett, liked him too. Friar Tuck, well yes the whole gang is coming together.

Much of the book is leading up to the whole Hood thing. We do not jump right into that. Instead we are shown how shitty life gets when John comes, oh how I still hate him. The whole demons, witches and magic thing, and so much death.

But I wish that Robin had been a bit more in the forefront, cos I ca not honestly say if I like him yet. 

Robin Hood, a legend in the making. A damsel not in distress. Magic, death and an evil king. 

I have a weakness for hoods

Paperback, 384 pages
Published August 4th 2015 by Titan Books
Robin Hood: Demon's Bane #1
Historical fantasy
For review


  1. Hmm interesting concept, but sorry to hear he wasn't enough in forefront to decide your feelings on him

  2. Sounds boring. Robin Hood has been done to death ;p Have a great weekend!

  3. I thought it would be more forceful via Robin.

  4. WTF? But the book is titled ROBIN HOOD and he's more of a BG character?

  5. As you say Robin may grow into the hero thing - not sure though if I would want to read another retelling of Robin Hood.

  6. Seems like there should be a lot of Robin in *Robin Hood* lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  7. Oh darn. I want to like Robin... especially with that cover. I do like retellings so I may give this a go. Might wait to see what you think of the next one first tho... :)

  8. I've not actually read too many Robin Hood stories - I could get behind this one. I do like the cover :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Everyone is so we have read so many...this was my first ;)

  9. I don't think I've ever tried a Robin Hood book but I think I should

  10. I do love Robin Hood. I still need to read the original (it is sitting on my book shelf waiting). Sighs. This has somewhat motivated me.

  11. Yeah, bring on the hoods!!! :D Too bad about the limp-ish Robin. Also, I LOVE that in more recent re-adaptations of the tale, Marian is usually strong and definitely not easy to forget. Great review!

    1. Hooods!!!!!! lol

      I do like the strong Marian, more power to here!" Who cares about Hood

  12. I like the Robin Hood story and this sounds good.

  13. I like Robinhood retellings, but sad this didn't quite work out. I can see why though.

  14. Interesting. I like the damsel NOT in distress. :)



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