Monday 31 August 2015

I should be so lucky - Judy Astley

Viola hasn't had much luck with men. Her first husband, Marco, companion of her youth and father of her only child, left her when he realised he was gay. Her second, Rhys, ended his high-octane, fame-filled life by driving his Porsche into a wall. No wonder her family always believes she needs Looking After, and her friends think she really shouldn't be allowed out on her own...

Which is why, at the age of thirty-nine, she finds herself shamefully back at home, living with Mum.

Viola knows she has to take charge; she needs to get a life, and fast. With a stroppy teenage daughter, a demanding mother, and siblings who want to control her life for her, where is she going to turn? 

My thoughts:
I have two review to write, now how to make this short...

Heroine: Viola, a 35 year old with two marriages behind her. Marco is still around and such a good guy. Rhys was a complete ahole that cheated on her and then he died. Do not even think about him! She is a klutz and she would like to find love again...maybe.

Hero: A man she meets. Will they meet again? Well duh. There is a slow building friendship that takes the entire book to build. Which was nice. She really does not have the best luck with men.

Romance: Thought about, not really there.

Story. Her starting all over again. Her teenage daughter wanting some fun in her life. And the secret of who Rhys wanted to leave her for. Oh that was so obvi. Made me angry too at him.

I meant to write like two paragraphs..ok back on track. A nice story about finding love again.


Paperback, 384 pages
Published January 3rd 2013 by Black Swan (first published July 5th 2012)
Women's fiction


  1. I like heartfelt books like this that focuses more on the journey and portrays it in a realistic Way. Good job with the shorty!

    1. Short and short, I wanted to make it really short, lol

  2. Sounds like a solid read to me!

  3. A no-no, especially when I look at the cover *shudders*. Horrible colours!

  4. This doesnt' scream out that it stands out from the crowd, I think we have all read a few books with this theme?

  5. Never heard of this author, sounds okay though.

  6. I think this sums it up... "...Will they meet again? Well duh. " LOL! Love your reviews. :)

  7. Another boring cover of boringness...

  8. Now I have Kylie Minogue playing in my head... And that cover is horrible!

  9. OMIGOSH....I would never date again if I was her!!!

  10. Could be interesting when I'm in the mood more for women's fic than straight romance. Nice concise review! :)

  11. Ha. Great. Now that song is stuck in my head. Lol.

  12. It sounds like a nice one even if not awesome

  13. Sometimes slow-building friendship to romance is lovely.

  14. Hmm, not sold, but do enjoy books about finding love :)

  15. Well, this is new - a woman twice divorced for a heroine. Sounds like a potentially complex story/character. And going from friends to lovers can be a lovely process to read about :)

  16. Sounds good. And the heroine is in her late 30s, nice.

  17. Hmmm... doesn't sound like my thing.



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