Tuesday 1 September 2015

Koko the Mighty - Kieran Shea

With an outstanding Ultimate Sanction bounty still on her head, Koko Martstellar (ex-mercenary and saloon madam extraordinaire) and Jedidiah Flynn (former orbital sky-cop) have narrowly escaped death in paradise.  Rescued during a storm, Koko and Flynn are taken in by what amounts to a self-sufficient outlander cult. To save Flynn’s life, Koko barters her warrior skills and assists the de-civ group in fending off their most imminent threat: a horde of genetic-mutant raiders. However, even with the group’s foes bested and their idealist lifestyle somewhat enticing, being among the outlander de-civs doesn’t sit well with Koko. In spite of  the de-civ group’s hospitality and Flynn’s arguing that they have it pretty good, Koko suspects something is amiss. People within the outlander group’s interlocking compounds keep disappearing with flimsy explanations—people like the girl who died on the cliff before Koko and Flynn’s rescue—and soon the group’s leadership assesses Koko as a threat to their secret agenda. As the mystery unfolds, Koko’s limits and loyalties—perhaps even her love for Flynn—will be tested. 

And as if that isn’t enough, bounty agent Wire has managed to track down Koko and, after a little politicking, is preparing to lead an army of genetic-mutant raiders in a last-man-standing battle against the cult . . . 

My thoughts:
Koko is back! And as cool as ever. Just not as lucky. She really has the worst of luck! I mean she gets another brothel/bar, she has Flynn, who helped her in book 1. I have to stop here and talk about Flynn for a second. This is not a romance. This is sci-fi, it's pulp. They like each other, they hooked up and are now living together. Anyway, she has it all. The good life on Sixty Islands. Until..BOOM!

Damn that bountyhunter! Arghhh. I really do hate her. Coming in and ruining their lives again.

This book mostly takes place in a strange settlement. Everyone is so nice, but Koko is not buying it. But then she does not really believe in the goodness of people either so why should she.

We get a bit more about the world (everyone is in for themselves). I liked the settlement, ok so it was weird, but this world is so brutal and the settlement was so peaceful. We also get some action, they do have that nasty bounty hunter after them still. What is it with this book and eyes!? ewwwwww. It feels like I am 360 in this review.

And then it ends, and I go all dang! No! Now I need more. It's not a cliffie. Everyone is happy. Just, it still is a cliffie cos more will come. 


Paperback, 400 pages
Published August 25th 2015 by Titan Books
EBK #2
For review


  1. It looks like an addictive series, adding it to my list !

  2. She definitely looks like a badass. Someone befitting "the mighty" moniker:)

  3. Oh look, she resembles Kiera Knightly!

    Definitely want to try this series at some point

  4. I'll definitely have to continue with the series and read this one of these days. First book was pretty awesome. And I do love these cool covers!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  5. This sounds really good and I love the cover.

  6. This actually sounds cool, and I have never heard of it. Adding to my wishlist mountain.

  7. Ohh graphic novel? Comic series? what is it?

  8. New to me. Nice worldbuilding and action, it seems. Thanks!

  9. It sounds really fun but I can't remember book 1

  10. Go Koko! :) Is it me or are you even more excited about this than the first one? Not that I can blame you, it sounds so good. And with another awesome cover too!



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