Wednesday 22 June 2016

Raining Love and Murder - Edie Ramer

An abandoned dog. A homeless veteran. A woman on the run. Her life in jeopardy. Sisters Dawn and Sunny stood together through the trauma of their childhoods and the fame they gained from Dawn's songwriting and Sunny's magical voice. But when Sunny marries the son of a cult leader, Dawn's life is in jeopardy. Taking on the identity of Raine, she goes to ground in a small Wisconsin town with a handsome innkeeper whose upbeat temperament is the antidote to her pain. Chuck's always been a good-time guy, and now that he's come up with a plan to help the town, no one in Trouble Bay thinks he's up to the hard work. Just as well that he has a new guest to deal with. A woman with secrets. A woman who who makes his heart beat faster. A woman in danger.

My thoughts:
Did I remember Chuck from that previous book I read? Hmm, dunno, BUT, I feel like I did and wanted his story. Lol, I sure hope I did like him if he made a fast appearance earlier then.

You do not have to have read the previous books to read this one. It takes place in the same town, but different stories.

Chuck was a sweetie. He had been the easy going flirt, and the town did only see him as that. Which was a shame cos he is trying to change in this one (well not the flirting, but other things.) And even if everyone is protective of him, they were so holding him back.

Raine is on the run. Her sister married an ass, and with ass, I mean he, I just wanted to hit him and his dad. What a bunch of creeps. No wonder Raine, or Dawn as her name was, runs away to this little town. There lies the suspense. Will someone come after her and why? She is also a famous song writer, in the shadow of her singing sister.

There is also a second shorter story that pulled on the heart strings. A veteran called Todd lives on the street and he befriends a dog. It is as much the dog's story and I was so happy that these two met cos they healed each other. Todd needed something to live for, and so did the dog. It all comes together in the end too, the stories do connect.

It was a romantic story, with bits of suspense and happy endings all around.

Not a sunny happy cover, and it fits

ebook, 284 pages
Published 2016 by Edie Ramer
Romantic suspense
For review
Where to find it:
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  1. I always love when it's happy endings all the way around!

  2. Romance + suspense is good :D Glad you enjoyed!

  3. B, I'm so glad that you enjoyed this book. Thank you for the really great review! Chuck has been in other books in the series, but he was like a bit player in a TV series, and now it's his turn to be the star. If you didn't read the previous book, you didn't miss anything about him.

    1. There was someone I liked but I could not remember who ;) Might have been

  4. Yea this doesn't seem sunny at all. However, with HEAs all around, I'm happy too. :) I also love that you don't have to read in order, but it makes me curious about the other books.

  5. Aww looks like thrilling little romantic read!!

  6. oh I do love a story that comes together in the end and I like that is was a solid read for ya!

  7. new to me but he does sound like a sweetie

  8. Oh yes, I love this sound of this one, has it all!

  9. This sounds good and I'm glad you don't have to read the previous books, although I'm sure I'll want to.

  10. Sounds interesting. I wouldn't have thought a love story and happy endings all around just looking at the cover, but I'm glad it worked out!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  11. Like happy endings myself but that cover!

  12. It sounds nice to have romance and suspens

  13. This author sounds so familiar!

  14. I'm not sure that umbrella will be sturdy enough if there's murder raining down from the sky...

  15. I love small town romance series, they're so fun! This one does sound a bit heavier than most though, especially with the puppy.



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