Thursday 30 June 2016

The Somnambulist and the Psychic Thief - Lisa Tuttle

Should you find yourself in need of a discreet investigation into any sort of mystery, crime or puzzling circumstances, think of Jesperson and Lane . . .

Should you find yourself in need of a discreet investigation into any sort of mystery, crime or puzzling circumstances, think of Jesperson and Lane . . .

For several years Miss Lane was companion, amanuensis, collaborator and friend to the lady known to the Psychical Societs only as Miss X - until she discovered that Miss X was actually a fraud.

Now she works with Mr Jasper Jesperson as a consulting detective, but the cases are not as plentiful as they might be and money is getting tight - until a case that reaches across the entirety of London lands in their laps.

It concerns a somnambulist, the disappearance of several mediums, and a cat stuck up a tree . . . the links with the cat are negligible, but there is only one team that can investigate the seemingly supernatural disappearances of the psychics and defy the nefarious purpose behind them.

Jesperson and Lane, at your service. 

My thoughts:
Miss Lane was a clever and practical woman, all good things in a main character. She realised that the woman she worked for was a fraud and left before everything fell apart. Not the most practical thing to do, I confess, but Miss Lane is lucky and found a new job.

Mr Jesperson was more the Sherlock Holmes of the two. He sees things others misses, he is an original to be sure. But also a perfect gentleman, and gives her a chance as his assistant.

They were a perfect mix and completed each other so well. She was the yang to his ying. I also kind of wish now that in future books they will fall madly in love with each other and have cute clever babies, awwww. But hey friendship is good too, just awww!

These two set out to solve their first crimes. A sleep walker, and mediums disappearing. Two cases that proves hard to crack. And it was nice watching them trying to solve these cases and the heat turns up at the end of the book.

A great story, and I do want to read the next book to see what kind of case they get. Two great main characters and a lovely atmosphere through out the book


Paperback, 416 pages
Published June 16th 2016 by Jo Fletcher Books
The Curious Affair Of #1
Historical mystery
For review


  1. Sounds rather good!! I need to read more books with a bit of mystery :)

  2. Great to hear they were a good match and complemented each other

  3. This sounds cute and sometimes a great friendship is better than romance!

  4. This sounds good, not my usual type of book either.

  5. Ohh I think I would enjoy this very, very much!

  6. Seems like a more thought provoking Jackaby.

    1. I think as I only read the blurb that Jackaby is more Laine, and vice versa. And it seemed more thrilling

  7. Sounds like a great book. I hadn't heard of it before- so thanks for the introduction. :)

  8. I do love clever and practical characters!! :)

  9. I grabbed this one from NetGalley earlier this month. I'm pretty excited to check it out now! I've always wanted to read this author as well.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  10. Wow that title is a mouthful. Lol. Glad you liked it, though.

  11. It really sounds like a good one there and I confess that I'm curious because I didn't know about it

  12. Sounds like a perfect book for you - and it's the first in the series!

  13. Oh this sounds cool and I think I will like Mr Jesperson

  14. I kind of like the cover - it's kookie lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  15. I love "odd couple" investigative pairs, even when they're not actually a couple! ;) This sounds like a really fun read.

  16. Sounds like a good one! I kind of like the cover. lol



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