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Bound - Sue Tingey

Lucky de Salle was dragged into the Underlands against her will, but there she discovered a whole new world - and a whole new life. She always knew she was psychic, but discovering her ghostly best friend was in fact her demon half-sister - and she herself is half-demon - came as a shock. Falling in love with two men wasn't in her game plan either, but that's working out brilliantly.

Or it was . . . but now Jinx the Deathbringer has been kidnapped by Lucky's enemies, who intend to use his powers to destroy the worlds above and below. And Jamie has tried to use his own powers to control her, destroying her trust in him.

Now Jamie and his fellow Guardians have been ordered to bring Jinx back in - dead or alive - before he can rain destruction down upon the earth.

If Lucky is to save him, and forgive Jamie, she is going to have to learn to use her own burgeoning powers - and fast!

My thoughts
This really is the best triangle that is not a triangle. For the men there was never any question of who she would choose. It was obvious she would have both of them, and she never thought of anything else either. Everyone is happy together and if this was more of a romance book then I am sure you would get to see that action too ;)

Anyway. In this one everyone is happy together. Well...not everyone, Kayle is dead and is back to being Lucky's ghost buddy. Kayla's lover is being a bit of an asshat at times. Lucky gang is happy. But then Jinx goes and gets himself kidnapped and the happy triangle is a unhappy duo.

Better rescue Jinx before something bad happens. And yes there are evil plans underfoot in this one. One evil enemy. Revelations. And much more.

I like these because they are light. Not light in their story though. But this one was a bit "lighter", some bad things happened in book 2, and sure bad things happen here too, but it is not the same. The lightness comes from the way it is written and the humour that is sprinkled in here and there. I like a story that you can read fast and enjoy.

I have enjoyed the ride and this world. I like how the author never even came across the dreaded triangle territory, instead she just went with a nice menage a trois. Two smexy demons, one half demon who does not stand a chance. I am sad to see it end. But it ended well.

Paperback, 350
Published June 29th 2017 by Jo Fletcher Books
The Soulseer Chronicles #3
For review


  1. sounds interesting Thanks for the great review

  2. Glad to know thet the series was nicely wrapped up.

  3. oh yay...a solid menage that works well!! Glad you liked it.

  4. Replies
    1. Well ex.lover, since he can not see her, her being dead and all

  5. See this kind of triangle would be fine since it's meant to be like that haha

  6. That sounds like a book I might like.

  7. Humour sure helps a book up a level.

  8. Sounds like a fun book that I would enjoy. I totally get what you mean by light and sometimes that is a perfect read.

  9. That's one way to solve a triangle problem lol. And nice too that the writer can write it in a way where there's dark stuff but with a light touch.

    1. I did like how she did it cos the dark never got too dark then

  10. I had not heard of this book before and your review has me curious in it now. Cool. Thanks!

  11. Been a while since I read a triangle.

  12. Wow, I didn't even know the third book was out already! Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  13. Okay. I think I can go for this triangle that's not really a triangle. Lol.

  14. I love when humor is sprinkled in to balance the darker elements. This sounds like a great series!

  15. This sounds interesting. A triangle that isn't a triangle sounds good to me.

  16. They should always keep both. Pffft on picking just one.

  17. Huh... based on the blurb, I would have said no, but your review is so appealing. I may have to try this series.



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