Book Reviews In Alphabetical Order According To Author O-Z

Here come the rest. O-Z
And also the reviews by my associate reviewers and reviews we have done together

Old Mars anthology
Oakley, Colleen - Before I go
                            Close enough to touch
O'Brien, Anne - Queen Defiant
                          The king's concubine
OConnell, Kevin . The bittersweet tapestry (Carole)
Odden, Karen - A dangerous duet
Odiwe, Jane - Mr. Darcy's secret
                      Jane Austen made me do it anthology
                       Project Darcy
                       Mrs Darcy's diamonds
                       Lydia Bennet's story
O´Donnell, Lisa - The death of bees
O'flynn, Catherine - The News where you are
O'Gorman, Cookie - Adorkable
O'Hara, Tracey - Night's cold kiss
Oksanen, Sofi - Norma
Older, Daniel JOse - Shadowshaper
O'Leary, Beth - The flatshare
Oliver, Lauren - Delirium
O'Neill, Louise - Only ever yours
                            Asking for it
                             Breaking the Surface
O'Reilly, Sally - Dark Aemilia
O.Riordan, Erin - Beltane
O'Sullivan, Kate - Crazy about you
Orr, Sally - The rake's handbook

Pagliasotti, Dru - Clockwork Heart
Pallitterri, Joseph - Courage between love and death (Carole's)
Pang, Allison - A brush of darkness
Paolini, Christopher - Brisingr 
Pargeter, Edith - Sunrise in the West
                         The Brothers of Gwynedd
Parker, Lucy - The austen playbook
Parks, Adele - Tell me something '
                        If you go away
Parr, Sarah - Renegade 
                    His for the taking 
Patrick, Den - The boy with the porcelain blade
                       The orc war fighting manual
Patrick, Phaedra - The curious charms of Arthur Pepper
Pattillo, Beth - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Paver, Michelle - Dark Matter
Peckham, Scarlet - The Earl I ruined (Carole Review)
Peeler, Nicole - Tempest rising
                         Tracking the tempest
                          Jinn and Juice
Pehov, Alexey - Shadow Prowler 
                        Shadow Chaser
                        Shadow Blizzard
Perplies, Bernd - Prometheus Fire with FIre
Perrat, Lisa - Wolfsangel
Perri, Camilla - The assisstants 
Perry, Karen - Girl unknown
Perry, SW - The angel's mark
                   The serpents mark
Peterfreund, Diana - For darkness shows the stars
Petterson, Vicki - The scent of shadows
Pevel, Pierre - The Knight
Phillips, Christina - Taken by the sheik
Pickard, Nancy - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Pierson, C Allyn - Mr Darcy's Little Sister 
Pimentel, Melissa - Love by the book
Pinborough, Sarah The art of dying
Pineiro, Caridad - Sins of the Flesh 
                           Stronger than Sin 
                           Aztec Gold
                             One summer night
                            It happened one summer
Pinto, Ricardo - The Chosen 
Plaja, Luisa - Extreme Kissing
Planck, MC - Sword of the bright lady
                      Gold throne in shadow
Poitevin, Linda - Sins of the angels
                          Sins of the son
                          Gwynneth ever after
                          Sins of the lost
                          Forever after'
                          Shadow doubt
Pollack, Rachel - The child eater
Potter, Alexandra - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
                                Me and Mr Darcy
Praag, Menna van - The house at the end of hope street
Pratt, Tim - The wrong stars
Prescott, Francesca - Mucho caliente! 
Price, Kalayna - Grave witch
                          Grave dance
                           Grave memory
                           Grave visions
                           Grave ransom
                            Grave destiny
Price, Kendall - 221 bc (Carole Review)
Priest, Cherie - Boneshaker
Probst, Jennifer . Searching for someday
Pryce, Nicola - The captain's girl
Putney, Mary Jo - Never less than a lady
                            Sometimes a rogue

Quick, Amanda - Otherwise engaged
Quinn, Ella - The Marquis and I
Quinn, Julia - What happens in London
                    On the way to the wedding 
                    The secret diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever
                     Ten things I love about you
                    Just like heaven  (guest review on another blog)
                    the lady most likely
                   The Duke and I
                    The lady most willing
                     The viscount who loved me
                    The lost Duke of Wyndham
                     Because of Miss Bridgerton
                     The secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy
                     To catch an heiress
                      When he was wicked
                     The Other Miss Bridgerton
                      THe sum of all kisses
                      The girl with the make believe husband
'                      First comes scandal
Quinn, Karen - The ivy chronicles
Quinn, Susan Kaye - Third Daughter

Rai, Alisha - Hurts to love you
Rajaniemi, Hannu - The Quantum thief
Ramer, Edie -
                     Dragon Blues 
                    Galaxy girls (together with Lis)
                     Entangled (with Lis)
                    A love and murder xmas
                    Raining love and murder
Ramsay, Hope - Small town bride
Ramsower, Jill - Beneath the cloak sky (Carole)
Ramqvist, Karolina  The white city
Randall, Jessica L - The obituary society
Ranney, Karen - To wed and heiress
Rardin, Jennifer . Once bitten, twice shy
Raybourn, Deanna - A curious beginning
                                  A perilous undertaking
                                   A treacherous curse
                                    A dangerous collaboration
Redfern, Margaret - Flint
Redick, Robert VS - The red wolf conspiracy 
Rees, Tracy - Florence Grace
Reid, Michelle - Mia's scandal
Reid, Penny - Neanderthal seeks human
                        Ninja at first sight
Renwick, Sophie - Hot in here 
Revezzom Juli - No such thing as Dasher
Reynolds, Abigail - The man who loved Pride and Prejudice 
                             To conquer Mr Darcy 
                            Mr Darcy's Obsession 
                            What would Mr Darcy do?
                            Mr.Darcy's Undoing
                             Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy
                             A Pemberley Medley
                             Mr Darcy's letter
                                Alone with Mr Darcy
                             Mr Darcy's journey
                            Mr Darcys refuge
Reynolds, Alistair - The Medusa Chronicles
Richardson, Kat - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Richenda, Anna - The Saint and the Fasting girl 
Ridgway, Christie - Then he kissed me  
                                  Can't hurry love 
                                 Crush on you
                                  Light my fire
Ridley, Erica - The captain's bluestocking mistress
                         Once upon a duke
Rigler, Laurie Viera - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Rigaud. Heather - Fitzwilliam Darcy, rock star
Riley, Judith Merkle - The oracle glass
Riley, Lia - Last first kiss
                   It happened on love street
                  The corner of always and forever
Riley, Lucinda - The girl on the cliff *review on another blog
Rimmer, Kelly - Undone
Rivers, Carol - A wartime Christmas
                         Together for Christmas
Roane, Caris - Ascension 
Roanhorse, Rebecca - Trail of lightning
Robb, JD - Naked in death
Roberts, Belinda - Mr Darcy goes overboard
Roberts, Lillie J - Life after death
                             Haunting Nathan
Roberts, Myretta - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Roberts, Nora - The last honest woman 
                          The next always
Roberts, Sheila - The Snow Globe 
Roberts, Tiffany - make me burn
Robertson, Freya - Heartwood
Robertson, Linda - Vicious circle
Roberts, Victoria - Temptation in a kilt
                             x marks the Scot
                             To wed a wicked highlander
                              My highland spy
Robinson, Maggie - Mistress by Mistake
Robson, Cecy - Sealed with a curse
                         A cursed embrace
                          Cursed by destiny
                          A cursed bloodline
                           A curse unbroken
                           Of flame and promise
                          Of flame and light
                          Of flame and fate (Carole review)
Robson Jennifer - The gown
Rodale, Maya Lady Claire is all that
                       Duchess by Design
Rogers, Donna Marie - Meant to Be
                                    There's only been you
                                    Golden opportunity 
Rogers, Jane - Conrad and Eleanor
Rogers, Moira - Crux 
Rogues Anthology
Roland, Lee - Viper Moon 
Romain, Theresa - Season for surrender
                             It takes two to tangle
                             Season of scandal
                              To charm a naughty countess
                              Season for desire
                              A gentleman for all seasons
                              The sport of baronets
                               My scandalous duke
                               A gentleman's game
Rose, MJ - The Reincarnationist
Rosenberg, Rebecca - The secret life of Mrs London
                                     Gold digger
Rosenblum, Cameron - The stepping off place
Rosetti, Denise - Yours to explore
Rosoff, Meg - Just in case
Ross, Cathleen - Taken by the sheik
Roth, Veronica - Divergent
                           Carve the mark
Rothfuss, Patrick - The name of the wind 
                                The slow regard of silent things
Rowe, Stephanie - Kiss at your own risk 
                                Touch me if you dare
Rowen, Michelle - Nightshade
                              Stakes and Stilettos
                             Tall, dark and fangsome
Rowland, Diana - My life as a white trash zombie 
                             Mark of the demon
                              Even white trash demons get the blues
                             Blood of the demon
                             White trash zombie apocalypse
                             Secrets of the demon
                              Sins of the demon
                               Touch of the demon
                                Fury of the demon
                                How the white trash zombie got her groove back
                               Vengeance of the demon
                                White trash zombie gone wild
                              Legacy of the demon
                               White trash zombie unchained
Rubino, Jane - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Ruby, Laura -Thirteen doors, wolves behind them all
Ruggle, Katie - SUrvive the night
                           Through the fire
                            Rocky Mountain Cowboy Xmas
                             In her sights
                              Risk it all
Ryan, Carrie - The Forest of hands and teeth
Ryan, Anthony - Blood song
Ryan, Jenna - The channeler
Ryan. Jennifer - dirty little secret
                           restless rancher

Saeed, Aisha - Yes no maybe so
Safdar, Nadim - Akram's war
Salomon, Rachel Lynn - You'll Miss me when I am gone
Sanders, J. Aaaron - Speakers of the dead
Sanderson, Brandon - Mistborn
                                 The well of ascension
                                  The hero of ages
                                 The Way of kings part 1 
                                 part 2 
                               Alloy of law
                                The emperor's soul
                               Words of Radiance
                                Shadows of self
                                The Bands of Mourning
                                 Alcatraz and the evil librarians
                                 Arcanaum unbounded
see Jordan, Robert
                             Book 12 The Gathering Storm
                             Towers of Midnight 
                                 Book 14
Sands, Lynsay - A quick bite 
                         A Bite to remember 
                         Bite me if you can
                       The accidental vampire
                        Vampires are forever
                        Vampires interrupted
                         Taming the highland bride
                          Single white vampire
                           Tall dark and hungry
                          my favorite things
Sanger, David - Their minds in tandem
Sanna, Lucy - The cherry harvest
Sapkowski, Andrzej - The last wish
Sarif, Shamim - Despite the falling snow
Satrapi, Marjane - Persepolis 
Saunders, Kaitlin - A modern day persuasion
Savile, Steven - Murder at Sorrow's Crown
Sawyer, Robert J - Wonder
Schade, Victoria - Life on the leash
Scalzi, John - Lock in
                       The dispatcher
Scarrow, Simon - Hearts of stone
Schneider, Robyn - Extraordinary means
Scholes, Ken - Lamentation
Schulte, Deb - Knead to know
Schusterman, Neil - Scythe
Schwab, Sandra - The Bride Prize
Schwab, VE - A darker shade of magic
                        A gathering of shadows
                         This savage song
                          Our dark duet
                          A conjuring of light
Schwartz, Liesel - A conspiracy of alchemists
Scott, Jessica - Anything for you
Seasons of Sorcery anthology
Seddon, Holly - Don't close your eyes
Selinko, Annemarie - Désirée The Bestselling story of Napoleon's first love
Semple, Maria - Where'd you go Bernadette?
Senior, Antonia - The Tyrant's shadow
                            The winter isles
Sepetys, Ruta - Between shades of grey
                          Salt to the sea
Serle, Rebecca - The Dinner List
Seymur, Miranda - Noble endeavours
Shaffer, Mary Ann - The Guernsey literary and potato peel pie society
Shalvis, Jill - Christmas in Lucky Harbor
                       My kind of wonderful
                       Playing for keeps
Sharatt, Mary - Ecstasy (Carole review)
Shaw, Ali - The Girl with Glass Feet 
                   The man who rained
Shayne, Maggie  An enchanted season
Shea, Kieran - Koko the mighty
                        Koko takes a holiday
Shearin, Lisa - Magic lost, trouble found
                         Armed and magical
                         The trouble with demons
                          Bewitched and betrayed
                        Con and Conjure
                        The grendel affair
                        All spell breaks loose
                       Wedding bells, magic spells
                        Treasure and treason
Shecter, Vicky Alvear - Cleopatra's moon
Shelton, Sandi Khan - Kissing Games of the world 
Shepherd, Lloyd - The English Monster
Shickmann, Allan Richard - Zan-Gah
                                           Zan-Gah and the beautiful country
Shinn, Sharon - Troubled waters
                          Summers at castle Auburn
Shipman, viola . The summer cottage
Shortall, Eithne - Love in row 27
                            Grace after Henry
Shomer, Enid - The twelve rooms of the Nile
Showalter, Gena - The darkest night
Simons, Paullina - The bronze horseman (Carole review)
Simonsen, Mary Lydon - The perfect bride for Mr Darcy 
                                           A wife for Mr. Darcy
                                          Mr. Darcy's Bite
                                          Becoming Elizabeth Darcy
                                           Mr darcy goes to war
Simpson, David - Post Human
Simpson, Rosemary - What the dead leave behind
Sims, Jessica - Fire and Frost
                        Single wolf female
                      Beauty dates the beast
                        Desperately seeking shapeshifter
                         Alpha ever after
Sinclair, Michele - The most eligible highlander in Scotland
Singh, Nalini- The Magical Christmas Cat 
                                     An enchanted season 
                                      Slave to Sensation 
                                      Visions of Heat 
                                      Caressed by ice 
                                      Mine to possess 
                                      Hostage to pleasure 
                                      Branded by Fire 
                                      Bound by marriage
                                       Secrets in the marriage bed
                                      Play of passion 
                                   Kiss of snow
                                     Burning up
                                      Angels' Blood
                                     Archangel's shadows
                                    Silver silence
                                     Cherish hard
                                     Rebel hard
                                    Wolf rain
                                    Ocean light
                                    Love hard
                                    Alpha night
Siskind Kelly - My perfect mistake
Sivec, Tara Heidis guide to four letter words
Skovron, Jon - Hope and red
Skye, Evelyn - Circle of shadows
Skye, Jaden - Death by honeymoon
Slater, Maya - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Slatter, Angela - Vigil
Sloan, Robin - Mr Penumbra's 24-hour bookstore
Smale, Alan - Clash of eagles
                      Eagle in exile
Smith, Dominic - The last painting of Sara de Vos
Smith, Eric - The geek's guide to dating
Smith, LJ - The Awakening
                  The Struggle
                  The Fury
Smith- Easter, Anne - Queen by right
                                    THis son of York (Carole)
Smith-Ready, Jeri - Wicked Game
Smith, Lauren - The shadows of stormclyffe hall
Smith, RL - The hour of Gann
Snodgrass, Melinda - High ground
Snyder, Maria V - Poison Study
                             Magic Study
                             Fire Study
                             Touch of power
Snyder, Lucy A - Sparks and shadows
Snow, Jennifer - maybe this love
Sohn, Amy - Motherland
So I married a demon slayer - anthology
Solomon, Anna - The Little Bride 
Solomons, Natasha - the house at tyneford
Soren, Sasha - Random Magic 
Sorensen, Jill - Caught in the act
                         Risky Xmas
Spann, Susan - Trial on Mount Koya (Carole Rae Review)
Spencer, Wen - A brother's price
Sprunk, Jon - Shadow's Son 
                        Shadow's Lure
                       Shadow's master
                        Blood and Iron
Stanton, A.C. When Josie comes home
                       Deacon's Ark
St. Claire, Erin - Sweet Anger 
Stabenow, Dana - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Stacey, Shannon - Flare up
Staples, Fiona - Saga 
Stark, Jenn . Getting wilde
Staveley, Brian - The emperor's blades
                              The providence of fire
                              The last mortal bond
Steampunk! An anthology
Stein, Jeanne C - Hexed
Stevens, Amanda - The Abandoning
                               The Restorer
                               The kingdom
                               The prophet
                               The visitor
                                The sinner
                                The awakening
Stevens, Berni - Dance until dawn
Stevens, Erica - Captured
Stevens, Gabi - The wish list
Stevens Shelli - Good girl gone plaid
Stevenson, Lumberjanes
Stewart, DIana Munoz - I am justice
Stiefvater, Maggie - Shiver 
                                The raven boys
Stone, Juliana - The summer he came home
                        The Christmas he loved her
                        The day he kissed her
Stoneley, Zara - A very country Christmas
Stovell, Christine - Turning the Tide 
                              Move over darling
                              Follow a star
Stracher, Cameron - The Water Wars 
Stradal, J.Ryan - Kitchens of the great midwest
Starnes, Joane - The unthinkable triangle
Straha, Jonathan - The book of dragons
Styles, Michelle - Breaking the Governess's Rules 
Sullivan, Margaret  C - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Sullivan, Michael J - The viscount and the witch
                                Theft of swords
                                 Rise of Empire
                                Heir of Novron
                                The crown tower
                                 The rose and the thorn
                                  The jester
                                   Professional integrity
                                   The death of Dulgath
                                 Age of Myth
                                 Age of swords
Summers, Michele - Find my way home
Sundquist, Josh - love and first sight
Swanston, AD - Incendium
Swanson, Andrew - Beautiful star and other stories
Swift, Deborah - The gilded lily
                             Shadow on the highway
                             A divided inheritance
Swift, EJ - Osiris
Sword and Sorceress anthology
Swyler, Erica - The book of speculation
Sykes, Sam - Tome of the undergates 
                       The city stained red

Tahir, Sabaa - An ember in the ashes
                        A torch against the night
                        A reaper at the gates
Tait, Vanessa - The looking glass house
                         The pharmacist's wife
Tardi, Jacques - It was the war of the trenches
Taylor, Laini - Daughter of smoke and bone
                          Days of Blood and starlight
                           Dreams of gods and monsters
                           Strange the dreamer
                           Muse of nightmares
Anthology: Teeth Long and Sharp
Teerdhala, Swati - The tiger at midnight
Teintze, Breanna . Lord of secrets
                              Lady of shadow
Teshco, Mel .- Yours to explore
                          Taken by the sheik
Tepper, Sheri S - A plague of angels 
                            Waters rising
                            Fish tails
                            The gate to women's country
The chic lit love match anthology
The madness of Cthulhu vol 2 anthology
Thomas, Amy - Paris, My sweet: A year in the city of light (and dark chocolate)
Thomas, Scarlett - The end of Mr Y
Thomas, Sherry - Not quite a husband 
Thompson, Tade - The murders of Molly Southbourne
Thompson, Vicki Lewis - A werewolf in Manhattan
Thornbourgh, Blair - Ordinary girls
Thorne, Sally - The Hating Game
                         99 percent mine
Thornton, Rosy - The tapestry of love 
Thurman, Rob - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
Tidbeck, Karin - Amatka
Tingey, Sue - Marked
Tobin, Sophia - The Silvesmith's wife
Todd, Ted - A doubtful inheritance (Carole review)
Tomp, Sarah - The easy part of impossible
Townsend, Kari Lee - Samantha Granger: Fused
Tranter, Sarah - No such thing as immortality
                          Romancing the soul
Trenow, Liz - The forgotten seamstress
Trigiani, Adriana - Very Valentine! 
                              Jane Austen made me do it anthology
                             Tony's wife
Tsiolkias, Christos - Merciless
Tuck, James R - Mark of the black arrow
Turner, Katherine - Anna and the apocalypse
Turner, Marc - Dragon Hunters
Turner, Megan Whalen - The Thief
                                       The queen of Attolia
                                        The king of Attolia
                                        A conspiracy of kings
Turner, Rebekah - Chaos born
Turtschanionoff, Maria - Maresi
Tuttle, Lisa - The mysteries
                      The silver bough
                       The somnabulist and the psychic thief
                      The witch at wayside cross

Unidentified funny objects 3 :Anthology
Unbound anthology
Uehashi, Nahoko - The beast player

Yoke, Selina Siak Chin - When the future comes too soon 
Vale, Maria - A wolf apart
                       The last wolf
Valerian - movie tie in
Vane, Victoria - Slow hand
Vane, Violetta - Mark of the gladiator
Vasquez, Lisa - The unfleshed
Vatsal, Radha _ Between the lines
Vaughan, Brian K - Saga 
                                 Saga 3
Vaughan, Elizabeth - Dagger Star
                               White Star
                               Destiny's Star
                                Fates star
Vaughn, Carrie - Wolfsbane and mistletoe
                           Kitty and the midnight hour
                           Kitty goes to Washington
Vayden, Kristin - What the duke wants
Vermetta, Katherena - The break
Vida, Nina - The Texicans
Vida, Vendela - The diver's clothes lie empty
Viegler, Laurie Viera - Rude awakenings of a Jane Austen addict
Viguie. Debbie - mark of the black arrow
Vincent, Rachel - Stray 
                         Blood bound
                       Shadow Bound
                           My soul to take
Vo, Nghi - The Empress of Salt and fortune

Wagers, KB - Behind the throne
Wake, Jules - Talk to me
Vale, Maria - The last wolf
Walker, Julie Ann - Hell on Wheels
                              Thrill ride
Walker, Karen Thompson - An age of miracles
Walker, Melissa - Violet on the runway 
Walker, Sarai - Dietland
Wallace, Wendy - The sacred river
                               The painted bridge
Walsh, Alexandra - the Catherine Howard conspiracy Carole review
Walsh, Therese - The Moon sisters
Mrs Sinclair's suitcase - Louise Walters (joint review)
Walters, Minette - The last hours
                              The turn of midnight
Walton, Jo - My real children
Vane, Milla - Heart of blood and ashes
Ward, JR - Lover Avenged 
Ware, Ciji - A race to Splendor 
                     Midnight on Julia Street
Wareham, Evonne - Never coming home
Warom, Ren - Escapology
Warren, Christine - Wolf at the door
Warren, Dianne - Juliet in august
Warren, Nancy - The vampire knitting club
Warren, Tracy Anne - Her Highness and the highlander
Watson, Jules - The raven queen
Watson, Penny - Lumberjack in love
                            Sweet inspiration
                            Sweet magic
                            Sweet adventure
                            A taste of heaven
'Waxman, Abbi - The garden of small beginnings
                            Other peoples houses
Way, Gerard - The umbrella academy
Wecker, Helen - The golem and the djinni
Weeks, Brent - The Way of Shadows
                         Shadow's Edge 
                        Beyond the shadows 
                       The Black Prism
                        The blinding knife
Wein, Elizabeth - Code name verity
                             Rose under fire
Weir, Meghan Maclean - The book of Essie
Wen, Abigail Hin - Loveboat taipei
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen - Seducing a Scottish Bride
                                        A highlander's temptation
Wells, Jaye - Red-headed stepchild
                     The mage in black
                     Green-eyed demon
                     Silver-tongued devil
                      Blue-blooded vamp
Wells, Martha - All systems red
West, Elizabeth Ann - A winter wrong
West, Tara - Divine and dateless
Westover, Tara - Educated
Westerfeld, Scott - Uglies
Wexler, Django - The thousand names
                             The shadow throne
                              The price of valor
                              The guns of empire
                               The infernal battalion
What happens under the mistletoe anthology
WHeeler, Jeff - storm glass
Wheeler, Ramona - Three Princes
Whitley, Jeremy - Save yourself. Princeless vol 1
Wiggins, Bethany -STung
Wiggs, Susan - The Charm School
                         The Horsemaster's daughter
Wildes, Ren - Duality
Williams, Beatriz - All the ways we said goodbye
WIlliams, Jen - The copper promise
Williams, Lacy - Once upon a cowboy
Williams, Reina M - Miss Darcy decides
Williams, Sandy . The Shadow reader
Williams, Tad - The heart of what was lost
                          The witchwood crown
Willig, Lauren - Jane Austen made me do it anthology
Willingham, Bill - Fables: 1001 night of snowfall 
                          Peter and Max 
                         Fables 9 (on goodreads)
                         Fables 8 (on goodreads)
Wilson, Cl - Lord of the Fading Lands
Wilson, Loirraine - Chalet girl plays cupid
Wine, Mary - To conquer a highlander 
                     Highland Hellcat 
                     Highland Heat 
                     A lady can never be too curious
                    The trouble with highlanders
                     How to handle a highlander
                      Highland spitfire
                      Highland vixen
                      Highland hellion
                       Highland flame
                     Between a highlander and a hard place
                    Wicked Highland ways
Winslow, Shannon - The Darcys of Pemberley
Winter, Ewan - The rage of dragons
Winters, Ben H - Sense and sensibility and seamonsters
Winters, Zoe - Blood lust
Wisdom, Linda - Demons are a girl's best friend
Wolf, Deborah - The dragon's legacy
Wolf, Kristen - Escapement (Carole Review)
Wolf, Sara - Bring me their hearts
Wolf, Stacia - You will be the death of me
Wolff, Isabella - A Vintage affair 
Wolfe, Suzanne - A murder by any other name (Carole Review)
Womack, Gwendolyn - Time Collector (carole review)
Wood, Margaret - The mysterious howling
Woodruff, Lee - Those we love most
Woods, Sherryl - Midnight promises
                           Catching fireflies
                           Where azaleas bloom
                          Home at rose cottage
Woolley, Persia - Child of the Northern Spring 
Wray, Sarah - Reported Missing
Wright, Kim - Love in Mid air
Wurtele, Margaret - The Golden hour

Yardley, Cathy Level up
Yates, Maisey - Seduce me cowboy
York, Rebecca -Bad Nights
Young-Ellis, Georgina - Darcy's awakening

Zafon, Carlos Ruiz - The Angel's Game
                                The prisoner of heaven
                                 Prince of the tide
Zahler, Diane - Baker's magic
Zanetti, Rebecca - Hidden
Zevin, Gabrielle - The storied life of AJ Fikry
Zub, Jim - Wayward


Reviews by My Associate reviewers
Abdo, Kenny . Survive camp terror
Aerie, Catherine - The dance of spirits
Ahern, David - Madam Tulip
                         Madam Tulip and the knave of hearts
Ali, Amie - Whispers from the east
Amadaor, Trini - Gracianna
Asedegbega, Patricia - I stand corrected
Aston, Elizabeth - The exploits and adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy
Austen, Jane - Lady Susan
Barden, Jenny - The lost Duchess
Barrett, Susan - White Lies
Bates, Sarah - The lost diaries of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Benjamin, Ann - Life after Joe
Bookmark, Rbn . The minger's tale
Bordet, Katharina - Danube waves
Bradbridge, DW - The winter siege
Bray, Libba - A great and terrible beauty
Brockmole, Jessica - Women enters left
Brooke, Thomas MD - Roman Mask
Brown, JK - Tap
Brownley, Margaret - Left at the altar
Butler, Ruadh - Lord of the sea castle
Cairn, Caroline - Forever hers
                            Forever and one week
Caldwell, Jack - The last adventure of the scarlet pimpernel
Carosella, Amalia . Daughter of a thousand years
Carr, Carol C - India Black
Castle, Anne - Murder by misrule
Charbonnier, Rita - Mozart's sister
Chastain, Rebecca - A fistful of evil
                                 A fistful of fire
                                 Tiny glitches
Chaudhry, TS - The queen of Sparta
Coleman, Clara - Daughter of the reef
Collier, James and Stephen - My brother Sam is dead
Cook, Vera Jane - Where the wildflowers grow
Cooney, Caroline B - For all time
Craney, Glen - The spider and the stone
Cravey, Glen - The virgin of the wind rose
Crusie, Jennifer - Fast women
Curry, Alexandra - The courtesan
Demuth, Josie - A thousand salt kisses
DiBaisio, Jame - Gaijin Cowgirl
Diener, Michelle - Mistress of the wind
Doherty, Julie - Scent of the soul
Doon, RV - The war nurse
Dotta, Jessica  - Born of persuasion
Ducharme, Diann - The outer banks house
                                 Return to the outer banks house
Ducote, Lee - Across Borders
Elliot, Lucinda - Ravensdale
English, Christy - To be Queen
Erickson, Carolly - The hidden diary of Marie Anotionette
Essex, Karen - Dracula in Love
Evanovich, Janet, One for the money
Evans, Nicholas - The smoke jumper
Ferrer, Samuel - The last gods of indochine
Fielding, Hannah - Indiscretion
Fields, Jennie - Age of Desire
Fisher, Mary Frances -Paradox forged in blood
Flynn, Gillian - Gone girl
Franco, Ana - Down the wormhole
Fraser, Susanna - Freedom to love
Forman, Gayle - If I stay
Forsyth, Kate - Bitter Greens
Gaiman, Neil - Stardust
Gabridge, Patrick - Steering to freedom
Garner, Deborah - Mistletoe at moonglow
George, Alex - Under the dragon's claw
Girard, Anne . Madame Picasso
Goldman, William - The Princess bride
Green, Brownyn - Unexpected gifts
Gregory, Philippa - Lady of the rivers
Gortner, CW - Marlene
Harrison, Sue - Mother Earth Father Sky
                         Song of the river
Haviland, Naima - The bad death
Holmes, Fred - The ugly teapot
Johnson, Kelly B - Skies over tomorrow
Jones, Sherry - Four sisters, all queens
Kapchinske, JS - Coyote Summer
Kemp, Laekan Zea - Pen and Xander
Kennedy, Martha - The brothers path
Kennedy, Stacey - Werewolves be damned
Knight, Jude - Raging madness
Lang-Slatter, K - The immigrant soldier
Lee, MJ - Samuel Pepys and the stolen diary
Lesher, Jenifer - Raising John
Lowenkopf, Shelly - Love will make you drink and gamble, and stay out all night
Maetani, Valynne - Ink and ashes
Marsh, Anne - Crush and burn
Martin, James . The boy who wanted wings
Maus, Tegon - The gift
                         My grandparents pants
May, WJ - Seventh mark
                 Rae of hope
Mcintosh, Fiona - The royal exile
Michaels, Greg - The secrets of Casanova
Mooning, Karen Marie - Immortal Highlander
Moran, Michelle - Cleopatra's daughter
Morgan, Rachel - The faerie guardian
Morton, Alison - Aurelia 
Mullins, Debra -Heart of Stone
Murakami, Haruki -After dark 
Nicholls, Julie -Demon Within
O'Connell, Kevin - Beyond Derrynane
                                Two journeys home
O'Reilly, Sally - Dark Aemilia
Parr, Peter - Escape to redemption
Politis, Yael - Olivia, Mourning
                        The way the world is
                         Whatever happened to Mourning Free
Powell, EM - The fifth knight
Rabbani, Waheed - Doctor Margaret in Delhi
Rand, Jonathan - Pandemia
Remarque, Erich Maria - All quiet on the western front
Ring, Phyllis Edgerly - The Munich girl
Roberts Lillie J - Life after death
Rummel, Erica - Head games
Rowland, Laura Joh - The iris fan
Rowling, JK - Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone
Sandberg, Jason - the wonderful kite
Sansom CJ - Dominion
Sault, Dean - Ghost of Lost Eagle
Schmicker, Michael - The witch of Napoli
Schwab, Sandra - Betrayal
                             Springtime pleasures
                              The bride prize
                              A tangled web
                              Devil's return
Schweighardt, Joan - The last wife of attila the hun
Shelton, Angela - Tilda Pinkerton's magical hats
Shepherd, Marion - mask of innocence
Sloan, Tamar - Make it count
Smith, Tom Rob - The secret speech
Smyles, Iris - Dating tips for the unemployed 
Spann, Susan - The ninja's daughter
                          Betrayal at Iga
Sparks, Nicholas - The choice
Stevenson, Robert Louis - Short stories
Stewart, David - The babe ruth deception
Swami, om - A fistful of love
Taylor, Brian - Three Sisters
Tod, MK - Time and regret
Turnquist, Sara R - The Lady Bornekova
Waid, David - The conjurors
Walsh, TF - Cloaked in fur
                   Cloaked in secrecy
Willett, Maureen - Near the wild
Williams, Robert Steven -My year as a clown
Willig, Lauren - The lure of the moonflower
Wilson, Constance Cocoran - The Christmas cats chase christmas rats
Yancey, Rick - The 5th wave
Young, WIlliam The shack
Zerndt, James - The Korean word for butterfly
                           Brailling for wile

Avalon, Kristi - The tycoon's seductive revenge
Baker, Jeanette - Hannie Rising
Belair, Kim - Pure Steele
Carr, Susanna - Secrets of a Bollywood Marriage
Clement, Jennifer - Prayers for the stolen
Cutter, Nick - The troop
D'Arc, Bianca - Maiden Flight
Devine, Eric - Dare me
Diamond, Laura - Endure
Dray, Stephanie - Lily of the Nile
                             The princess of Egypt must die
                            Song of the Nile 
                            Daughters of the Nile
Fischel, Harold - Anthony
Gruen, Sara - Water for elephants
Heugen, Antoinette van - The tulip eaters
Hockensmith, Steve - Nick and Tesla's high-voltage danger lab
Hubbard, Sara - Blood, she read
Knapp, Andrew - find Momo
Mallory, HP - Better off dead
McGillivray, Ariadne - Pure Steele
Morley, Isla - Above
McRobbie, Linda Rodriguez - Princesses behaving badly
Nuest, Aj - Rowena's Key
                  Candra's freedom
                  Caedmon's curse
                  Braedric's bane
Pflugfelder, Bob - Nick and Tesla's high-voltage danger lab
Shriver, Lionel - We need to talk about Kevin
Stall, Sam - Suburban legends
Walton, Jo - Among others
York, Robin - Deeper

Adams, Dee J - Dangerously close
Black, Theda - what I need
Bliss, Karina - What the librarian did
Bradley, Marion Zimmer - The mists of Avalon
Brooke, Amanda - Yesterday's sun
Bury, Britt - The darkest day
Caletti. Deb - He's gone
Callihan, Kristen - Moonglow
Chase, Loretta - Captives of the night
Cormack, Cora - Losing it
Cross, Kaylea - tactical strike
Cullars, Sharon - Gold Mountain
Dark, Emmie - In  his eyes
Graham, Heather - Keeper of the night
Harrington, Hannah - Speechless
Henry, Lisa - dark space
Henwick, Mark - Sleight of hand
Johnson, Jean - An officer's duty
Kennedy, Stacy - the cat's meow
Klein, Alina - Rape girl
Lawson, Angel - Fangirl
Le Carre, John - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Lem, Stanislaw - Solaris
McGuire, Jaime - Beautiful disaster
Milan, Courtney - The Duchess War
Miller, Kristen - Forbidden by Fate
Mitchell, Siri - Unrivaled
Murakami, Haruki - Norwegian wood
Newman, Emma - Between two worlds
Oksanen, Sofi - When the pigeons disappeared
Raines, Hunter - Sight unseen
Reisz, Tiffany - The Siren
Romain, Theresa - Season for surrender
Roux, Abigail - Cut & Run
                        Sticks & Stones
                        Fish & Chips
                        Divide & Conquer
                        Dine & Dash
Urban, Madeleine -Cut and Run
                              Sticks & Stones
                             Fish & Chips
                             Divide & Conquer
Voinov, Aleksandr - Counterpunch
Walker, Saskia - The Harlot

Blake, K.C. Vampires rules 
Brown, David Mark - Fistful of reefer 
Bunn, CH - The Hawk and his boy
                     The shadow at the Gate
                   The wicked day 
Chase, Brindle - Dark is the night 
Chong, Stephanie - Where demons fear to tread
Cypert, Steve V - Born of tyranny: port of errors 
Daniels, Kelly - Be Mine
Dionne, Aubrie - Paradise 21
Franklin, Michelle - The commander and the Den Asaan
KT, Grant - The Claiming of Suzy
                   The Prince's groom
Gray, Scott Fitzgerald - Clearwater Dawn
Green, Layton - The Summoner 
                            The Egyptian 
Haefner, Stephanie - A bitch named Karma 
Jacobs, Reena - Shadowcat
Johnson, Marc - Catalyst: The Passage of Hellsfire
Lange, Sue - We, robots
Lee, Annie -Keeping Grace alive
Lotempio - Toni - No Rest for the Wicca
                                Raven's Kiss 
MacAlister, Katie - In the company of vampires
Mallory, HP - To kill a warlock 
                     Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble 
                    Toil and Trouble 
McDonald, Melanie J - Eromenos
Mccullough-White, Dawn - Cameo the assassin
Morgan, Leigh - Sparring partners
                          Second chances
                          Fighting fate
Nolfi. Christine- Treasure Me
Painter, Kristen - Blood rights
Pearce, Jeff - Bianca, the silver age 
Pine, Katherine - After Eden
Prentice, John -Sleeping Kings
Edie, Ramer -Cattitude
                      Dead people -
                     Galaxy girls (together with B)
                     Entangled (with B)
Rice, Morgan - Turned
Russell, Rebecca Ryals - Odessa
Rosenberg, Kenneth - No cure for the broken hearted
Severin, Alex - Belladonna in Hollywood
Simmons, Stephany - Voodoo dues 
Smith, Helen - Three sisters
Soule, Leslie - Fallenwood 
Rachel Vincent -   My soul to take
                         My soul to save 
                         My soul to keep
Woods, Sherryl - Driftwood Cottage

Banks, Annmarie - The hermetica of elysium
Bilyeau, Nancy - The crown 
Brommer, Timothy - Snorr's saga 
Byers, Paul - Arctic Fire
Chase, Loretta - Lord of scoundrels
Conti, Grace - Through an Icon's Eyes
Cox, John T - Hitler's ashes 
Lovell, Angela - Blood Drunk - faded blue
Milan, Courtney - Proof by seduction
                            The Duchess War
Miller, Fenella J - Miss Bannerman and the Duke 
Patricio, Anna - Asenath
Pruitt, Rachel - The dragon's harp
Ridley, Glynis - The discovery of Jeanne Baret
Salo, Carrie- The Sounding
Stone, Simon - The shadowed path 
Trissel, Beth - somewhere my lass 
Warr, Tracey - Almodis the peaceweaver
Woodbury, Irene - A slot machine ate my mid-life crisis 

Bennington, Jeff - Reunion
Brooks, Russell - The Pandora Succession
                           Chill run review by Anna
Bryan, Helen - Sisterhood
Grey, J.Gunnar - Deal with the devil
Miller, John J - The first Assassin
Tolkien, Simon - orders from berlin
Wolf, Jack - The tale of raw head and bloody bones

Lawrence, Mark - Prince of Thorns

Lady Scoundrels' Saturdays:
Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

A night like this by Julia Quinn

Battle Royale

Dirty by Megan Hart

Song of scarabaeus by Sara Creasy

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovich

The darkness that came before - R.Scott Bakker

The Sister Queens .Sophie Perinot
Trick of Time - JL Merrow

Joint review
World War Z - Max Brooks
World War Z - the movie
The Favored queen by Carolly Ericson
Duchess of war - Courtney Milan

The rest falls away - Colleen Gleason
Almost Persuaded by PO Dixon, Most truly by Reina M Williams
Heresy within - Rob j Hayes
The snow child - Eowyn Ivey
In the company of the courtesan - Sarah Dunant
The bone season - Samantha Shannon
House of Shadows - Rachel Neumeier
Sense and sensibility by Joanna Trollope
The forsaken by Lisa Stasse
Katrina, the beginning by Elizabeth Lorraine
The girl you left behind by Jojo Moyes
The song of achilles - Madeline Miller

Dawn of war - Tom Marquitz
Red rising - Pierce Brown
Golden son - Pierce Brown
Morning Star - Pierce Brown
Me before you - Jojo Moyes
The spellman files - Lisa Lutz
After you - Jojo Moyes
Nothing to Envy - Barbara Demick
The lady and the unicorn - Tracy Chevalier
To the Bright Edge of the world - Eowyn ivey
Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer


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